CF 4000 Helps Powdered Milk Manufacturer Meet Regulatory Discharge

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Liconsa, a powdered milk manufacturer in Guadalajara, Mexico was experiencing great difficulty controlling their COD discharge to within permit limitations. Their water treatment plant design is illustrated in the following diagram:
After initial examination of water tests, Ing. Luis Javier Rodriguez Ortiz performed bench-scale analysis, using the Alken® WWT Bench Test Procedure, to narrow the product selection for this plant. A water sample was withdrawn on August 14th, so that treatment progress could be monitored. Samples were taken daily through August 20th at which time results revealed that application of Alken Clear-Flo® 4000 had almost doubled TSS and VSS reactor rates, effluent COD was reduced by 52%, and the rate of solids settling in the reactor improved by nearly 76%. 
Flow diagram of powdered milk wastewater plant


BOD - Biological Oxygen Demand           COD - Chemical Oxygen Demand
TSS - Total Suspended Solids             VSS - Volatile Suspended Solids
 SS - Suspended solids from reactor        P - Phosphate
  O - Oxygen                        Conduct. - Conductivity 


Suspended solids

Chemical oxygen demand

Discharge Conductivity

Oxygen in anaerobic digester

Phosphorus chart

pH chart

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