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How to Locate the Correct Dosage for Your Application:

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For dosing CF 4003, 4004, and most of CF 7000 line products:
  • 1 pound dry = 1 gallon of liquid product
  • 1 kg dry = 3.8 liters of liquid product
  • To equate volume with weight in bran-based dry products: 1 quart of volume will equal 1 lb. weight and 6 level tablespoons of volume will equal one ounce of weight
  1.  Determine the average COD (ppm) of the wastewater entering the treatment plant; composed of raw waste entering a lagoon, primary effluent entering an activated sludge or effluent from an industrial pre-treatment unit.

  2. Determine the average daily plant influent flow-rate in millions of gallons per day (MGD) or thousands of cubic meters PER DAY.

  3. Locate the flow rate (vertical column on the left), in the appropriate dosage chart (USA or metric) and select the appropriate level of COD at the top of the chart, listed under the correct day of treatment (reading from left to right) to obtain your correct dosage.

  4. If your plant is recovering from an upset, or is designed to the minimum Hydraulic Retention Time (HRT) standard of >16 hours and a Mean Cell Residence Time (MCRT) standard of >15 days, begin with the columns representing Days 1 and 2. Then continue with the other columns, "Days 3 to 7" and "Days 8 to 30" as appropriate.

  5. If the plant is starting up, multiply the flow rate by 1.5 and use the dosage for days 1 & 2 for that level, then follow the dosages for the ACTUAL plant flow after that.

  6. If the plant is running fairly well but needs a minor boost, just refer to the "Days 8 to 30" column, only.

  7. If your plant has a COD above 2000, divide the actual plant COD by 2000 and multiply the result by the flow of the plant to obtain the "equivalent flow". Then select doses for this "equivalent flow" under the columns marked COD 2000.

  8. If you prefer liquids, substitute 1 gallon of liquid for each pound of dry product recommended by the chart. In metric, substitute 3.8 liters for each kg of dry product.

  9. If plant effluent levels have stabilized after 30 days, dosage may be slowly decreased to 50% of the "Days 8 - 30" level. Consult with your Alken-Murray distributor before making this change.
  1. To equate volume with weight in bran-based dry products (NOT exact due to variability of product density)
1 teaspoon of volume = 0.08 ounces (2.5 grams) of weight
1 tablespoon of volume = 0.26 ounce (7.5 grams) of weight.
2 oz. volume scoop holds 1 ounce (28 grams) weight
4 oz. volume scoop holds 55 grams (1/8 lb.) weight
8 oz. volume scoop holds 110 grams (1/4 lb) weight
1 quart of volume will equal 1 lb. (450 grams) weight

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