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Choosing the Correct Product & Dosage for Your Aquarium, Lake or Pond:

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To Determine the Size of Your Water Body:
  • If you have an aquarium, the size in gallons is usually marked on it somewhere and the dosage will be prescribed in ounces (USA) or milliliters (metric).

  • Larger ponds and lakes are measured (USA) in acre-ft. or cubic meters. For metric units, the measurements are in cubic meters or hectare-meters. One acre-ft = 1 acre x 1 ft. deep. Example: A pond with 1 acre of surface area that is 7 ft deep = 7 acre-ft.
To Read the Dosage Charts
  • Once you have selected the correct product, locate the size of your water body in the left hand columns, and select the appropriate week of treatment from the top, to locate the correct dose. If you have an aquarium, you most likely possess test kits for the important parameters to monitor your water quality. We recommend that a new aquarium start-up for one month with Clear-Flo 1100 and 1002, to cycle and seed it with nitrifiers and toxin degraders, then maintain with Clear-Flo 1002, alone. An aquarium started with Alken Clear-Flo 1100 and 1002 should be ready for aquatic inhabitants in 48 hours.

    Interpreting Water Quality Test Results
  • Just as a good doctor will not hand you a prescription without taking your history and examining a blood test, Alken-Murray cannot prescribe the correct product for a lakes or pond without examining a fully completed survey form. The water quality of a pond or lake is much more dynamic than an aquarium and requires professional evaluation.

    How To Survey A Lake, Pond or Reservoir

    Survey Forms
  • If your pond or lake is bordering on eutrification, low rate of water exchange with low oxygen and highlevels of pollutants, you should add aeration and shock treatments of Alken Clear-Flo formulas to rapidly restore the environment.

    Shock Treatments
  • If you have a private or municipal lake or pond, your local garden or farm supply center should be able to tell you where to locate suitable water quality testing. Then print out the "Lake/Pond Survey Form", fill it in and click "submit". Alken-Murray will reply to your and your authorized Alken-Murray distributor, with a customized prescription for your water body or water bodies. Check with your authorized distributor to learn the full range of services they offer to supplement application with Alken Clear-Flo aquaculture, aquarium and aquatic restoration products.

  • If you have an aquaculture farm, the size, stocking density, species raised, source of influent water, and many other parameters influence both product selection and dosages. Your Alken-Murray representative will prescribe a customized program of augmentation for your farm.

  • If your water body has a lot of consistent pollution (runoff, aquaculture, birds, fish etc) your Alken-Murray representative may prescribe a higher dose for the first month, gradually decreasing the dosage until it matches the chart, while carefully monitoring water quality parameters.

  • The most difficult waterbodies to maintain with low dosage are those that have intermittent influent of serious toxins and pollutants (hydrocarbons, phenol, phosphate fertilizers, pesticides, fats and grease, detergents etc.). You Alken-Murray representative will carefully evaluate your individual situation for a customized solution.

  • For Initial Seeding of a Sand Media Biological Filter: 1) Oxygenate the water and clear any residual chlorine by allowing the fresh water to circultate for four hours. 2) Add enough Roti-Rich nutrient to slightly cloud the water. 3) Select the appropriate dose for the size of the waterbody from the chart. Thoroughly mix dry culture or full-strength liquid product into the sand media and reintroduce the filter to the tank. Wait for the water to clear, usually within 12 to 18 hours, before adding new stock to the system. Observe the usual best practices of equalizing the temperature between the tank and the plastic bags holding the new occupants. Maintain water quality with a weekly booster from the smallest dose listed for the size of your waterbody. Mechanical aeration will increase the rate of bioactivation. If the water is circulated past ozone for disinfection, the treated water will not harm the ALKEN CLEAR-FLO® culture growing in the sand filter.

  • If it becomes necessary to apply antibiotics to treat fish disease, the filter must be reseeded with ALKEN CLEAR-FLO®, after all antibiotic has cleared from the system.

  • See new formulas: CF 1003 to degrade fatty, greasy fish food and CF 1008 for fall preparation of your pond or lake, or for cleanup post-herbicide use.

  • To equate volume with weight in bran-based dry products (NOT exact due to variability of product density)
1 teaspoon of volume = 0.08 ounces (2.5 grams) of weight
1 tablespoon of volume = 0.26 ounce (7.5 grams) of weight.
2 oz. volume scoop holds 1 ounce (28 grams) weight
4 oz. volume scoop holds 55 grams (1/8 lb.) weight
8 oz. volume scoop holds 110 grams (1/4 lb) weight
1 quart of volume will equal 1 lb. (450 grams) weight

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