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General Waste Treatment System Evaluation

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System Description

Primary Treatment System:

1. Equalization volume: Millions of Gallons


2. Daily influent flow: Million Gallons per Day


3. Clarifier equipt.: (Brand, Model and Type specifications)

4. Retention time hours


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Secondary Treatment System

1. Type & Qty:

Activated Sludge Basin(s):
Aeration Lagoon(s):
Fixed Film Reactor(s):


2. Volume/Dimensions:

Activated Sludge Basin(s): MGal Actual

Aeration Lagoon(s): MGal Actual

Fixed Film Reactor(s): Cubic ft.

3. Hydraulic Retention Time: hrs days

4. Mean Cell Retention Time:days

5. Food to Mass Ratio: (Food ÷ Mass)

6. Type and Qty of Aerators:

(Floating or Fixed )

Dimensions measured in feet: (length x width x depth)

Diffused Aeration:

(Qty & Horsepower)

7. Secondary Clarifier Equipment: (Brand, Model and Type specifications)


Dimensions measured in feet: (length x width x depth)

Diameter x depth in ft.

Solids Flux: in lbs./ft²/day

Sludge Blanket Depth in ft.

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Tertiary Treatment

1. Phosphorus removal: (Chemical precip.) mg/L


2. Ammonia removal: (nitrification) mg/L

3. Nitrate removal: (denitrification) mg/L


4. Final aeration: (D. O.:) mg/L

5. Final chlorination/disinfection: (residual Cl) mg/L

6. Other, including sand filtration or sludge treatment and describe:

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Wastewater/Waste Characteristics


 Influent Average


 Effluent Average 



Identify the units used answering the following questions: lbs/day mg/L


 Influent Average


Effluent Average 

 Oil & Grease        
 Heavy metal        
 Total p-Alkalinity        

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Biological Treatment Parameters

   Average  Range
 Basin pH    
 Basin temp degrees F  degrees F
MLSS mg/L  mg/L
 MLVSS  mg/L  mg/L
 DO mg/l  mg/l
 DOUR mg/L/hr mg/L/hr
 SV30 or SVI

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Chemical/Biological Treatment



 Ammonia addition    
 Phosphate addition    
 Antifoam addition    
 Biological addition    

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Return Sludge/Clarifier



 RAS SS mg/L  mg/L
 RAS VSS mg/L %  mg/L %

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Current Effluent Limits: (NPDES)




mg/L lbs./day

mg/L lbs./day
 COD mg/L lbs./day mg/L lbs./day
 TSS mg/L mg/L
 DO mg/L mg/L
 Phosphorus mg/L mg/L

 Fecal coliform -

count/100 ml

 Ammonia-nitrogen mg/L mg/L
 Ammonia-nitrate mg/L mg/L
 Heavy metals (name in the 4 blocks below)
mg/L  mg/L
mg/L mg/L
mg/L mg/L
mg/L mg/L

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Flow Diagram

You may submit a diagram by FAX at 540-636-1770 or give us a word flow chart below

Example: raw waste pump station --> pond 1 (aerated, lined) --> ponds 2, 3 ,4, & 5 (settling and unlined) --> sludge holding pond


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Miscellaneous Comments

If you have other problems that are not described above, or you wish to give more information on the system or the problems requiring our assistance, fill in below. There is no limit to the size of this block, so you may write as much as you like and it will be submitted to us, when you click the submit button below.


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Objectives and General Questions

What is the objective of an Alken Clear-Flo® or Alken Solutions polymer program?

(improved recovery, system stability, nitrification, improved startup, sulfide control, improved organic removal, flocculation etc.)

What criteria would determine the success of the program? Time frame?

What are the justifications for an Alken Clear-Flo® or Alken Solutions polymer program? (reduced operating costs, reducing environmentally related complaints, compliance, avoiding fines, etc.)

If necessary, can system improvements be effected? (such as waste dilution, process control changes, nutrient amendment. Yes No



What alternative treatment options are being considered?

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