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Survey of Recreational &/or Decorative Lake or Pond!

Just complete one form per recreational lake or pond. After completing form, click "Submit" at the bottom. If the water body requiring treatment contains wastewater, please complete and "submit" our "wastewater treatment diagnostic form", whether the water body is composed of commercial tanks or lagoons, which resemble a pond except that higher concentrations of pollution are expected in wastewater than in recreational lakes and ponds.

Warning: Since this form is large, it takes a while to transmit, once you press SUBMIT, so please be patient. An acknowledgement page WILL show up.

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Pond name:


 Phone #:  
 FAX #:  
 Client Contact:  

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Surface area:acres. Average depth:ft.

Water source:

Outflow: as % of total water in lake/pond

Describe Location: (Describe pond location in words, including location of inflow and outflow, earthen or concrete bottom, biological filters, aerator placement, etc.)

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Site Conditions

Offensive odor? Yes No If yes, is it strong? Yes No

Character of odor: Ammonia? YesNo Sulfur? YesNo

Describe water color and appearance:

Runoff: YesNo If yes, give source:

Sludge (composition, distribution & thickness)

Describe any of the following added to the pond and when added:

  • Chemicals:
  • Pesticides:
  • Disease treatments:


Check any of the following that are present.


Algae Describe algae:

Aquatic plants: Describe plants:

Recent fish mortalities: Describe:

Mechanical aeration:

Describe other treatment used and when applied:


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Standard Water Quality Parameters

Dissolved Oxygen at Noon: ppm

pH: at what temperature?


Chloride: ppm

Nitrite (NO2): ppm

Carbon dioxide: ppm

D.O. before dawn



Ammonia Nitrogen (NH3): ppm

Nitrate (NO3): ppm

Temperature:For C


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Additional (Optional Tests)

Chlorine (free): mg/L


Lead: mg/L

Tributyl tin: mg/L

Detergents: mg/L

Sulfite: mg/L

FOG: mg/L

Ammonia Salt/NH4: mg/L

BOD: mg/L

Chlorine (total): mg/L

Iron: mg/L

Mercury: mg/L

Cyanide: mg/L

Phenol: mg/L

Hydrocarbons: mg/L

Phosphate: mg/L


COD: mg/L

Pesticides tested:

Name:Result mg/L

Name:Result mg/L

Name:Result mg/L

Name:Result mg/L

For Additional Assistance, Fax us a Drawing of Your Lake/Pond

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Any additional comments?

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