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ALKEN® TREATMENT 479 is a concentrated liquid blend of alkaline materials designed for use in systems containing waters of low pH and low hardness. Primary application to acidic influent water will stabilize pH within the proper range to deliver good corrosion control in cooling towers. ALKEN® TREATMENT 479 can be used to adjust acidic bleed waters, requiiring neutralization to meet NPDES permit levels, prior to discharge.

ALKEN® TREATMENT 479 can be used to regain control of alkalinity in steam boilers, without introducing affecting the buffering capacity of other treatments being applied to the same system, since no buffering is introduced by this product.

If wastewater applications require increased alkalinity for the resident bacteria to deliver decent performance, ALKEN® TREATMENT 479 can be used to increase alkalinity.

ALKEN® TREATMENT 479 provides a suitable concentration for adding alkalinity during dilution of Alken-Murray's Water-Based Manufacturing Concentrates of chemical or microbial products. Alkalinity is sometimes necessary to offset the interaction of selected surfacfant(s), fragrance(s), dye(s), thickener(s), opacifier(s), etc. that a "private-label manufacturer" wishes to add to distinguish THE product they market as their own, from either the parent formula, marketed by Alken-Murray Corporation or from products produced by other "private-label manufacturers" who are also supplied with Manufacturing Concentrates from Alken-Murray Corporation. Alken-Murray's Microbial Manufacturing Concentrates are usually offered in 3 varieties: FF (fully-formulated, including all NECESSARY ingredients,except water, filler and optional ingredients), PF (partially-formulated, usually omitting one ingredient that clients like to buy locally,such as surfacfant(s), when the selection of surfactant does NOT impact significantly impact performance. NF (non-formulated) is the final option, offering the greatest flexibility for the buyer. Non-formulated liquid Bacillus products are stabilized to allow a specific dilution (number of X's), using ALKEN® BACILLUS STABILIZER 26 and these concentrates offer a two (2) year shelf-life from date manufactured at Alken-Murray Corporation. The only non-formulated mixed-gram products offered are ALKEN CLEAR-FLO® 1100-50X/7110-50X nitrifiers, and ALKEN CLEAR-FLO® 4103. The nitrifiers must be stored under refrigeration to extend shelf-life. ALKEN CLEAR-FLO® 4103 can gain additional shelf-life if the surfactants listed on the ALKEN CLEAR-FLO® 4100 MSDS sheet can be added to a water-dilution of the concentrate, effectively doubling the shelf-life for that product.


  • Reduces corrosive tendency of aggressive acidic waters.
  • Neutralizes low pH water and acid wastes.
  • Stabilizes pH of recirculating systems for best performance of your selected Alken-Murray corrosion inhibiting formula.
  • Safer to handle than flake or bead caustic soda or 50% caustic soda solution, reducing the exothermic reaction when used to adjust the pH.


Requirements will vary depending on the nature of the water supply, the type of system being treated, and external factors like absorption of acid flue gases. Typically, one pint per 3,000 gallons of bleed is needed in treating a cooling tower system. Ask your authorized Alken-Murray distributor to titrate correct dosage for lakes, ponds, canals, rivers etc. if pH and alkalinity are too low for effective bioremediation to be initiated



ALKEN® TREATMENT 479 should, in most cases, be fed by a chemical metering pump controlled by a pH-monitoring controller. In some uses, shot feeding may be acceptable.


ALKEN® TREATMENT 479 is is a strong alkali that can cause serious burns if it comes in contact with skin or clothing. In case of contact, wash with large quantities of water and see a physician. Wear rubber gloves, goggles and face shield when handling. Consult the Material Safety Data Sheet for further information.


ALKEN® TREATMENT 479 is packaged in Polyethylene pails and drums that conform with Performance Oriented Packaging Specifications required for Class 8 DOT & International Transportation Regulations. Package sizes: 5-gallon pail with pour-spout and handle, Closed-head 15-,30- and 55-gallon drums.


ALKEN® TREATMENT 479 complies with FDA 21 CFR 184.1139 regulations for boiler water additives used in preparation of steam that will contact food. ALKEN® TREATMENT 479 formula matches formulary that the USDA authorized under classification G6 as follows: "This product is authorized by the USDA for use as a boiler water additive, used in the preparation of steam that WILL contact food."

Update: 12-18-2006

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