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Ch. Crown E Fast Forward, silver tabby male - in picture - link to more information about him

Ch. Crown E Fast Forward "Speedy" - silver classic tabby neuter

(Photo by Tetsu)

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History & Policies of Fenton Farm, Inc.

Fenton Farm began as a working Thoroughbred horse farm in Warrenton, Virginia, U.S.A., with two catteries in residence (Crown E, established in 1963 by Miss Valerie Anne Edwards and Fenton, established in 1967 by Mrs. Edith Y. Edwards). After Mrs. Edwards died in 1993, both cattery names are maintained by her heirs as Fenton Farm, Inc., in a new location - in the scenic Blue Ridge Mountains.

Our breeding program is dedicated to preserving the classic purebred American Shorthair with superior intelligence, hunting instinct, and health; producing kittens which adhere closely to the show standard with expressive faces, medium-to-large size, well balanced, sturdy bodies, correct coat texture, and other distinctive breed characteristics; maintaining popular colors such as silver tabbies, brown tabbies, cameo tabbies, and red tabbies; and restoring rare colors such as solid whites, blacks, black smokes, tortoiseshells, smoke tortoiseshells, and dilute colors. All resident cats are FeLv tested and annually given boosters for common diseases.

 Cattery manager, Valerie Anne Edwards, has written articles on the breed, its standard and its history which have been published in the Cat Fancier's Yearbook 1998, The National American Shorthair Club Newsletters and her articles were the basis of a presentation for the 1997 CFA Annual Judges Workshop.

Miss Edwards was the Vice-President of the National American Shorthair Club for two consecutive terms, and chose not to seek re-election because of the time required to manage the Alken-Murray Corporation

Fenton Farm, Inc. kittens are initially raised in bedrooms in the house with constant exposure to television to familiarize them with home life and sounds. Some are moved (after age 4 weeks) to the "cattery" to live in one of five walk-in pens. The cattery is air conditioned in the summer, heated in the winter, and disinfected constantly by germicidal lights.

Fenton Farm, Inc. kittens are vaccinated, dewormed, litter-registered and are sold with a written 30-day complete health guarantee and lifetime replacement guarantee against genetic or congenital defects.

Details about each available litter is located at


We prefer to interview prospective owners at the farm,. This interview is beneficial to both parties - allowing our clients and kittens to select each other without the stress of a strange environment.

We do not approve of declawing - read this article to understand why.

American Shorthair History

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Kittens are priced according to how well they adhere to the show standard, popularity or rarity of the color, and excellence of the pedigree. 

 Males  $500 - $1,000
 Females  $500 - $1,500


 Males  $1,000 - $3,000
 Females  $1,500 - $5,000


Young Adult Pets and Retired Breeders - $400


Picture of Gr.Pr.Crown E Wicked Wahini, brown tabby American Shorthair

Ch. & Gr.Pr. Crown E Wicked Wahini, brown tabby spay. Photo by Johnson.

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Fenton Farm, Inc. · P. O. Box 718 · Flint Hill, VA 22627

Phone: (540) 636-1236

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