A Bed Full of American Shorthairs

Top of picture - Special D, left to right below her - Dragonslayer, Special FX, Sherry Cobbler, Silver Sovereign. In the front - Dancing Star. Photo September 2, 2002 by Ken Edwards Jr.

This is the ONLY picture of the camera-shy Silver Sovereign snuggled into the pillows on Valerie's bed.

 Valerie's bed warmers - left to right Dragonslayer (big brown tabby), Special FX, Sherry Cobbler, Silver Sovereign. In the back Special D. In the front - Dancing Star


A year later, after Special FX and Special D have moved and beome parents, Sherry Cobbler has her own bsbies added to the bed to keep Valerie company. Photos are after Valerie returned from the hospital following a minor stroke. You can imagine how it would not be possible to sleep in a hosptital without the comforting purring of these very special cats. There is nothing likie an American Shorthair for comfort. PIctures by Kitty Sharp, co-ownerr of Sherry Cobbler.

Sherry and babies on the left, Dragonslayer guarding her hand and Dancing Star on the bed-headboard nightstand, standing guard. See the gorgeous view from the window and balcony outside the room. 


Dragon has moved to guard Valerie's head as Candied Cinnamon has perched herself on Valerie's ribs. Always aware of her asthma, none of the cats or kittens crowd her breathing or lie on her pillows, making sure no hair is left to cause any problems. The satin sheets shed hair easily and help assure no difficulties, while the cats still give comforting purrs and chirps.


If Valerie gets sick at night, Dragon and Dancing Star go to the door and sound an alarm to attract Ken's attention. They have even been caught using the telephone system to call for help, especially when a girl cat is having kittens and they know Valerie is in the office.How they know which buttoens to push has been a question, but the "all systems" seems to be the button of choice to call for help - anyone, anywhere " All sstaff know that meows into the phone with Valerie or Mary's line lit means something is wrong in one of their rooms and help is needed promptly.



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