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picture of Gr.Ch.Crown E Machiavelli, brown tabby American Shorthair

Gr. Ch. Crown E Machiavelli, brown tabby male. (Photo by David Eckard)

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At first glance, you might mistake an American Shorthair for a common mixed breed "alley cat". Take a closer look! Notice the large head with its broad face and square muzzle. See the luminous eyes with their unique asymmetric shape (almond upper lid, fully rounded lower lid). Note the massive body with its distinctive proportions. Feel the extraordinary "mink and satin" texture of the hard, protective coat. Examine the many beautiful and unusual color varieties. No doubt you have seen examples of the popular silver classic tabby in commercials or on tv interview shows.

The American's characteristic features were standardized through more than 200 years of natural, undisciplined, aesthetic selection followed by an additional 100 years of registered, scientific, selective breeding.  

This is NOT a common breed - less than 2,000 kittens (including all colors) are born a year - worldwide! But wait, the American is more than just a luxurious pet and glamorous showman. This medium-to-large size natural breed has retained both the skill and the health to perform as a superior rodent hunter. Although tough on vermin, no breed makes a more tolerant children's pet.

If introduced at an early age, (under 1 year) the American will become fast friends with a variety of animals including dogs and horses. Adaptable, intelligent, intensely loyal and affectionate to their chosen families, the American fits in anywhere - arctic to tropics - apartment to farm, providing ideal companionship for anyone. 

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