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  4 kittens from Dahlia's last litter by Stinky - litter 3 - 2002

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Ch. Crown E Fast Forward


Crown E Fandango


Gr.Ch. Stedam's Silver Certificate


(Thank you Dawn Skupin for sharing Stinky)

Ch. Crown E White Heat



 Ch./Gr.Pr. Fenton Dark Emperor,

Black Smoke

  Pr. Crown E Kasmira,


 Gr.Ch./Gr.Pr. RW Fenton Royal Swinger, Gr.Pr. RW Crown E Bold Swinger & Ch. Crown E Lucrezia Borgia

Cameo Tabby, Silver Tabby & Tortie

  Ch. Fenton Zuleika,


 What is An American Shorthair?

   Ch. Ashmead's Mac Truck


 Gr. Ch. Apache Chief Loco


Ch./Pr. Dreamscapose Cajun


 Royal Z Queen Jewel

Brown Patched Tabby

  Now Just What Kind of CAT is that anyway????


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Congratulations to Gayle & Rocky Rhoads for winning D.M. title for Ch. Crown E Wylda D.M.

Mauve was Best of Breed kitten in 8 rings at Hidden Peak (8/10-11/02)

Paula won her premiership title and 2nd Best of Breed Premier in 5 rings.

White Heat won his championship title.

Dasha won Best Premier of Breed in two rings.

Speedy won Best of Breed (and Best Champion of Breed) in one ring and 2nd Best of Breed in two rings, even though he was totally out of coat.

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