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ROYAL Z QUEEN JEWEL, brown patched tabby daughter of rare cream tabby Ch. Char's Moonbeam and Ch. Crown E Leda. Richly patched with mahogany red over a deeply black pattern that stripes her brilliant sienna brown ground color, "Pug" has large gold eyes, a deep chin, good ear set, powerful musculature, and good balance. She won 4th Best Kitten Allbreed under Edna Field at Madison Square Garden in 1996 at her first show. Born 9/30/96.

 Royal Z Queen Jewel, brown patched tabby spay for sale

Royal Z Queen Jewel, brown patched tabby for sale

These pictures, taken by Tetsu Yamazaki at the Madison Square Garden cat show, were of Pug when she was 6 months old. The picture above somehow got reversed - you can see that her red patch is on the opposite side of the picture to the left.

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