Ch. Crown E Wylda D.M.

The title of D.M. (distinguished merit) is awarded to a female cat when five of her offspring become either Grand Champions or Grand Premiers. Very rarely is this title won from the production of a single litter, but Wylda accomplished it for her owners Gayle and Rocky Rhoads. Wylda had ONE litter with 5 kittens in it, and all 5 are now grands. Wylda was purchased from Fenton Farm, Inc.

Ch. Crown E Wylda D.M., silver classic tabby female at age 5 months

Sire: Ch. Ashmead's Mac Truck

Dam: Ch. Crown E Mae West

 Picture of Ch. Crown E Wylda at 5 months


Ch. Crown E Wylda D.M. silver classic tabby female, as a mature adult

 Ch. Crown E Wylda DM as an adult

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