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ALKEN EVEN-FLO® 910E is a totally organic liquid formulation of surfactants, dispersants and corrosion inhibitors for pre-burner fuel conditioning. ALKEN EVEN-FLO® 910E is a completely combustible, non-abrasive, non-ash-forming treatment which provides a uniform flow of homogeneous fuel to the burner for effective atomization and control of preheat temperature, with assurance of maximum combustion efficiency.

The surfactants in ALKEN EVEN-FLO® 910E provide effective dispersion of sludge and heavy hydrocarbons with emulsification and dispersion of water so that tanks, lines, strainers and preheaters are kept free of accumulations and corrosion.

ALKEN EVEN-FLO® 910E improves combustion through its physical effect on interfacial surface tension. Better combustion means reduced soot formation, cleaner burner nozzles and cleaner firesides. The reduction in coke formation also reduces the amount or sulfur trioxide normally formed by the catalyzing action of the coke particles. This means reduced cold end corrosion and drier fireside deposits more easily removed by tube blowing.


  • PROVIDES FUEL SAVINGS - improves atomization and combustion; maintains cleaner heat transfer surfaces.
  • REDUCES MAINTENANCE COSTS - maintains clean fuel system, retards oxidation, reduces slagging.
  • PROTECTS tanks from corrosion.
  • REDUCES AIR POLLUTION - reduces particulate emissions, soot and sulfur trioxide formation.
  • Carries a "NON-COMBUSTIBLE" label for transportation


ALKEN EVEN-FLO® 910E can be added directly to the storage tank before delivery, or it can be metered into the fill line during delivery. Either procedure will insure thorough mixing with the fuel oil. Typical dosages range from 1 gallon per 7000 gallons of fuel oil to 1 gallon per 4500 gallons of fuel oil. Dosages vary according to the grade of the fuel oil, the impurities present, and the rate of fuel turn-over.

Ask for our product bulletins for marine application of Alken Even-Flo® 910E.


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