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Alken Even-Flo® 905 Case Studies

# 6 Improved Combustion

Problem: A large USA wallboard manufacturer experienced difficulty with discoloration of boards due to soot accumulation in the direct oil-fired continuous dryers, which discolored the front surfaces of the boards and accumulated on the rollers, causing streaks on the back of the boards too.

Solution: The improved atomization obtained by treating the oil with a dosage of 1 gallon of EF 905 to every 1200 gallons alleviated this condition.

# 7 Increased Pumpability and Better Combustion

A midwestern USA steel company purchased 60 cars of fuel oil, for a total of 569,745 gallons (scale weight). They used 460,525 gallons. After subtracting 460,525 from 569,745, they should have had on hand 109,220 gallons, but their actual on-hand figure was 120,689 gallons. The surplus 11,469 gallons of fuel was not due to expansion of material because the fuel oil storage tank was kept at a constant temperature of 158 deg. F by automatic controls. Evidently they attained a little extra oil from Even-Flo 905 cleaning up the fuel oil cars and reducing comsumption through better atomization and combustion. 

 # 8 Cleaner Fuel Oil Distribution System

A large soap and detergent manufacturer used Even-Flo 905 for more than 7 years, at a ratio of one quart per 1,000 gallons of fuel oil. During this peroid they never had to clean the lines or service the tanks and burned about eleven million gallons of fuel per year to fire their boilers. Prior to the use of Alken Even-Flo 905, cleaning out the service tanks was required once a year.

 # 9 Preheater Cleaning

Problem: A Northeastern paper manufacturer needed to clean their preheaters.

Solution: The preheater was filled with Alken Even-Flo 905 and heated to approximately 140 degrees F. The Alken Even-Flo 905 was kept at this temperature for several hours and then circulated out by means of a pump. The baked on sludge and carbonaceous matter was gradually dissolved and removed, creating yet another satisfied customer.

 # 10 Sludge Removal on a Continuous Treatment Basis

Problem: A well-known eastern light and power company had 6.5 feet of sludge in their 1.6 million gallon storage tank. Since the suction from the tank was only 7.5 feet off the bottom, they were experiencing difficulties as sludge was drawn into the lines.

Solution: Alken Even-Flo 905 was added, at the rate of one gallon treatment to every 4,000 gallons of oil added to the storage tank. We were unable to treat the 800,000 gallons of oil already in the tank at the time the treatment was initiated because facilities were not available for pumping Alken Even-Flo 905 into the top of the 50 foot tank. At the end of two months, the engineer and our representative checked the tank and found it free of sludge and water.

 # 11 Cleaner Fuel Oil Distribution System

A large Southern metals corporation added Alken Even-Flo 905 to a mixture of Bunker C and diesel fuel (called 16 - 17.9 gravity oil) for three years before reporting to us that it cut their oil consumption to Hauck burners by approximately 2 to 5 gallons and hour, decreased sludge in the lines and left their burners cleaner and brighter than before treatment.

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