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Special Dosages For Laboratory Tests/Experiments

Since one of the benefits of using Alken Even-Flo® semi-polar active organic compounds, is their ability to adhere to metallic surfaces, protecting them from corrosion, the dosage used in a laboratory test must be adjusted to compensate for the differences in proportion of container metallic surface area to volume of fuel being treated. For example: the surface of a 55 gallon drum in proportion to the volume of its contents is 100 times greater than the surface of a 500,000 gallon reservoir in proportion to the volume of its contents.

A dosage of 1 gallon for each 1,000 gallons of fuel will compensate for the increased surface area vs. volume when performing various laboratory tests using Alken Even-Flo® formulas.

Alken Even-Flo® formulas will generally outperform competitors when compared at similar dosages in laboratory tests for corrosion inhibition, by ASTM D935-66 test method; for atomization, by US Bureau of Mining 5113 test method; for anti-screen clogging, by Socony Mobil analytical test method 530-64; or for any other advertised characteristics when compared by any reasonable approved laboratory method.

The surface coating effect of Alken Even-Flo® formulas are also partially responsible for the increased field dosages necessary for application of Alken Even-Flo® 910S for trucks vs. the smaller dosages required for Alken Even-Flo® 905, 910 and 910E when applied to large boilers, or Alken Even-Flo® 905 or Alken Even-Flo® 908K when applied to storage tanks.

Alken Even-Flo® 910S should be tested directly in the fuel of one truck, comparing both fuel efficiency and smoke suppression after application with the figures for these parameters prior to application of Alken Even-Flo® 910S. Improved engine smoothness and power should be noticeable after one tank of treated fuel has been consumed. As can be seen from our case studies, the dosage rate of Alken Even-Flo® 910S can be varied safely from 1 gal. per 150 gal. of fuel to 1 gal. per 1,000 gal. of fuel. 

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