Case Study

Alken Even-Flo® 910 in Large Diesel Engines

 In a suburb near New York City, a village operates two Diesel-driven power plants, generating electricity for its residents. Alken Even-Flo® 910 is used to treat the fuel oil. Operating personnel notice that the centrifugal water separator runs much more efficiently when fuel oil is treated with Alken Even-Flo® 910 than it had previously; the water content of the oil is lower, and the rejected water is more free of oil, making the rejected water easier to dispose of. Also, in the engines, sump chambers are cleaner, as are injectors. Over the years, fuel savings of approximately 3.5% have been realized, when compared to prior operation without Even-Flo treatment. An emissions test showed only 0.03 pounds of hydrocarbons and fixed carbon per million BTU input.



 Low speed, two-stroke cycle engines with open cylinder sump chambers.

Fiat model 906, 13,800 hp 6 cylinders, 124 rpm.


Fuel Oil:

 Grade No.: 6

API Gravity: 23

Viscosity: 700 SUS at 100F.



 Alken Even-Flo® 910.
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Wholly organic, non-metallic, ash-free.

High flash point for safety.

Demulsifying formulation.


Client: Engineer Angelo Damiani at Freeport Electric Company - 516- 377-2389


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