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Although we sometimes stock small quantities of certain popular products in the warehouse, please allow time for products to be custom-manufactured when placing your order.  

 Alken Clear-Flo®:

 PRODUCTION - length of time depends on product:

Most DRY formulas: By maintaining certain pre-blended strains in stock, we can usually manufacture a dry formula product in 6 to 7days, including 1 day for packaging.

Extremely popular dry formulas, such as CF 1000, 1005, 1006, 4000, and 7000 can often be obtained more rapidly.

Some liquid formulas with longer shelf-life, such as Enz-Odor & Enz-Odor 2: Partially formulated liquids are kept in stock and can be blended and bottled within four days. If they must be blended for a large order: allow two (2) to three (3) weeks.


REPLACED WITH CF 1006 & 1100-50X


CF 1100-50x/7110-50x - Allow 4 to 6 days for this product. We try to keep this product on hand, due to the number of clients with emergency requirements for ammonia control, both for fish farms and wastewater treatment. The product is shipped overnight by Federal Express.


The tests for aerobic and anaerobic count take 48 hours to incubate @ 35C. Allow three (3) days total. Most other tests can be done within this time frame also, with the STP test taking from 2 to 7 days to show a reaction. Allow an average of four (4) days for all test results on a fresh or custom batch.

 Alken Even-Flo®:

 For orders of less than a truck-load (16 pallets or 72 x 55 gal. drums); allow two (2) weeks for production, drumming, and labeling.

For orders LARGER than 1 truckload of the same product, allow three (3) weeks for production, drumming and documentation.

For orders LARGER than 4 tankers, allow four (4) weeks production time.

 Alken® Chemical Water Treatment:
If we have the raw materials on hand, orders are sometimes shipped within three (3) days, but it is best to allow one (1) week from the date of order to the date of shipment. For orders larger than a truckload, follow the schedule for fuel treatments (above).

 ALLOW FOR SHIPPING TIME: Most chemical products, demulsifiers and Alken Even-Flo fuel treatments, are shipped from Cleveland, Ohio; cold-flow fuel treatments are shipped from Wilmerding, PA; polymer flocculanrts are shipped from Greensboro, North Carolina, and live-culture probiotic, bioremediation products are shipped from Huntly, Virginia. We have special terms with the following domestic carriers: R & L Transport, Yellow Freight, Federal Express Ground , and Federal Express . Foreign shipments are usually booked with Federal Express or DHL Air & Ocean Freight Forwarding unless the client requests a forwarder or another carrier.

Shipping Information

Updated: 04/18/2007

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