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Biology/Environmental Links

Action Bioscience logo - articles of technical interest including Alken-Murray's Aquatic Frame Set

Articles of bioscience interest (including Alken-Murray's Aquatic information)

 Agency for Toxic Substances & Disease Registry


Audio preparation study guide and books, test preparation for College ademissions tests including MCAT,DAT, PCAT, SAT, Microbiology, Pharmacology

Biotechnology Industry Organization - Alken-Murray is a member

Biology Books

Bioremediation Discussion Group

Biocatalysis/Biodegradation Database

University of Minnesota. 

Biosafety Hazard Class Table

Bugs on the Web

Cells Alive Microbiology Tutorial on the web

Microbiology Tutorial

Culture Media & Supplies Inc.

Global Ecolabeling Network

Economic Input-Output Free Life

Cycle Assessment

Environmental Expert

ExPASy Enzyme Database 

EPA Citizen's Guide to Bioremediation  

EPA - Terms of the Environment  

FDA/CFSAN Bad Bug Book  


George Wash. Univ. Med. Library 

Hazardous Waste Cleanup Information

ISO test procedures 

Life Cycle Assessment Table
Microbes in the News link

Microbe World - website link

Microbiology 101

Washington State University

Microbial Biotechnology Resources on the Internet - U of Minnesota

Microbiology U of Wisconsin

National Agriculture Library 

National Library of Medicine

Pollution OnLine  

Pollution Engineering OnLine

Public Works OnLine  

Textbook of Bacteriology Online
link to www dot water and wastewater dot com website

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