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Fuel Treatment Diagnostic Form

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 Fuel Flow in Gallons per Day

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Sludge Accumulation

(measure with Bacon Bomb Sampler, if possible)

 8 inches above the bottom  
 12 inches above the bottom  
 36 inches above the bottom  
 48 inches above the bottom  
 Does the storage tank have a drain?   Yes No
 Size of storage tank (gal or m3)  

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Fuel Oil Average Analysis
(your fuel supplier should answer these questions)

 Gravity, API@ 60 deg. F
 Density @ 15 deg. C
 Kinematic Viscosity @ 50 deg. C
 Flash Point, deg C
 Pour Point, deg C
 ASH, % wt
 Sulfur, % wt
 Sediment by Extraction, % wt
 Bottom Sediment & water, % vol
 Carbon Residue, % wt
 Free Water, % vol
 Vanadium, ppm
 Sodium, ppm

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Three-month Load Averages

 High Load

 Low Load
 Pounds per Hour
 Hours per Day
 Air or O2
 Carbon Dioxide or CO2
 Air Temperature at Preheater Inlet
 Air Temperature at Preheater Outlet
 Flue Gas Temperature at Preheater Outlet
 Stack Temperature
 Superheater Temperature
 Blowdown Volume

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Deposits Analysis
Combustible Carbon , as C %
 Water Soluble Fraction, as such, % (Approx.)
 pH of 1% solution
 Sulfates, as Na2SO4, %, (Approx.)
 Nickel, as NiO, % (Approx.)
 Vanadium, as V2O5, % (Approx.)
 Iron, as Fe2O3, % (Approx.)
 Acid Soluble Fraction, as such % (Approx.)
 Calcium, as CaO, % (Approx.)
 Magnesium, as MgO, % (Approx.)
 Nickel, as NiO, % (Approx.)
 Vanadium, as V2O5, % (Approx.)
 Iron, as Fe2O3, % (Approx.)
 Other Acid Soluble Fraction  
 Insoluble Fraction, as such % (Approx.)
 Silica, as SiO2, % (Approx.)
 Aluminum, as Al2O2 (Approx.)
 Nickel, as NiO, % (Approx.)
 Vanadium, as V2O5, % (Approx.)
 Iron, as Fe2O3, % (Approx.)
 Other Insoluble Fraction

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Additional Information

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