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Suppliers Recommended by Alken-Murray Corporation

Accugenix DNA and fatty acid analysis

Ahdorma - Leading Providers of reverse osmosis water filtration systems, purifiers, softeners, distillers and other water treatment equipment.

Leading Providers of reverse osmosis water filtration systems, purifiers, softeners, distillers and other water treatment equipment.


Becton-Dickson Microbiological Media  

Bock Drum Co., Inc.
2610 Florida Ave.
Norfolk Virginia
USA 23513
Tel: 757 855-0549
Fax: 757 858-BOCK

Bock sells steel, plastic and fiber drums pails and bulk containers. They are authorized distributors for Nampac (formerly Southcorp) pails with filter insert in lid and also jugs that Alken-Murray uses for our microbial products.

Nampac Packaging

Biolog bacterial identification 

BioMerieux - source of API 50CH and 20E identification kits

API bacterial identification 

BK Equipment Brokers 

Cheiron Resources, source for oil-in-soil test kits

Source for oil-in-soil test kits


really easy-to-use "dummy-proof" test kits, reagents and equipment 

 environmental test equipment repair and calibration, flow calibration, noise control, and sound level meter calibration.

Equipment repair and calibration, repair of environmental test equipment, etc. 

Culturre Media & Supplies, Alken-Murray endorses their prepared media

Desert King

Yucca Schidigera

Dillon Chemical Supply


listings of environmental services and products

ENC Laboratories Seawater & High Salt Analysis Laboratory 

Environmental Assurance Monitoring LLC

Saxitoxin (PSP) ELISA kit, manufactured by Abraxis LLC, in a 96-well microtiter plate format.

This Saxitoxin assay is a hundred times more sensitive than competing products, with a range in water of 0.02 &; 0.4 ppb (ng/mL).

 Filter Fabrics Incorporated double-gauze Rapid-Flo milk filter disks used with Steri-Wrap II (from Propper) for sterile bottle closures that breathe

link to Freund Container, an Alken-Murray supplier

 Hach Chemical Company testing equipment and reagents

Hardy Diagnostics - laboratory supplies

 IDEXX testing reagents, particularly for E.coli

 IFF International Flavors & Fragrances

 Jeneil Biosurfactants
JRW Technologies, Bioremediation Products for remediating groundwater contaminated with chlorinated  solvents, metals and perchlorates

 Jum, Lone Star Group, Inc. Total Hydrocarbon analyzers, other testing equipment

Microscopes for educational, laboratory, and inspection applications, microscope accessories, and beginners’ kits can be found in our product line.

 LaMotte Company testing equipment and reagents

 MEOR -The Lata Group

Milliken Chemical -

Liquitint Blue Polymer Dye, also have other colors

Northern Tool, supplier of sprayers for agriculture and other tools


Workplace Environmental Regulations 

Patterson-Kelley Blending equipment

Blending Equipment

Perkin Elmer laboratory equipment, Alken-Murray has several of their instruments

Laboratory Equipment


Waste Treatment Equipment

Pulsafeeder metering pumps, usable for drain applications of Alken Clea-Flo 4100 and other liquids

Mec-O-Matic 2400T & 2400T Plus Metering Pumps 

Propper Manufacturing Company Inc.

Manufacturer of Steri-Wrap II (green) that we recommend in our QC procedures 

Suppliers of safe mailing containers for bioological cultures and plates

Easy to use, safe mailing containers for petri dishes and other biological cultures


Search engine for laboratory equipment 

SDI, manufacturer of Microtox 500

Microtox 500 toxicity analysis machine

Shanley Pump Group

Pump supplier

SIC - Standard Industrial Classification Code Search 

Sigma-Aldrich Chemicals 

 Smith and Loveless, Inc. -

Prefabricated waste treatment plants

 Stanford University Fair Use Search

 Stepan Surfactants

 Thomas Scientific

 Tomah Products Surfactants

now owned by Air Products Inc.

Weber Scientific, Equipment, lab supplies 

Zip Drive, by Iomega 

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