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ALKEN® BIO-NUTRIENT 4 is a highly soluble, rapidly absorbed nutrient amendment, designed to enhance bacterial metabolism of chemical pollution for soil bioremediation projects. Contains ammonium phosphate and ammonium chloride as primary nutrient ingredients. Dicyandiamide is included, to inhibit the oxidation of positively charged ammonium ions into negatively charged nitrate-ions by natural soil-resident nitrifiers (Nitrosomonas, Nitrobacter, Nitrospira or Nitrosococcus). Positively-charged ammonium ions will be retained at the treatment zone, available to feed the bioremediation cultures remediating the high levels of polluting organic carbon, deposited into the soil. If nitrifiers are allowed to convert ammonium to negatively-charged nitrate ions, nitrate binds with rainwater runoff, contributing to eutrophication and loss of dissolved oxygen in receiving waters, causing algae crashes, etc., or can bind with groundwater, causing potential health issues for mammals consuming nitrate in drinking water. This formula includes micro-nutrients (vitamins, minerals, trace elements and amino-acids) to ensure that any elements missing due to mismanagement of soil prior to the specific incident of pollution, are provided.
If the petroleum compounds appear to be tightly bound to clay, rocks, sand or other soil particles, addition of ALKEN CLEAR-FLO® 5100 should be considered, both for the enhanced biodegradability of the chemical surfactants in the product, but also for the stabilized Bacillus endospores that target secondary metabolites, including the long-chain fatty acid secondary metabolites produced during petroleum bioremediation



 Appearance:  Off-white fine granular powder
 Odor:  Strong ammonia odor
 Total Nitrogen:   > 25 %
 Total Chloride:  > 50 %
 Phosphate:  > 5 %
 Stability:  Indefinite


  • Promotes a uniform biomass regardless of petroleum concentrations.
  • Increases metabolic rate of contaminated soil (use ALKEN® BIO-NUTRIENT 3 for waste water applications).
  • Eliminates the need for over-dosage of nutrients to compensate for runoff of nitrate produced during nitrification, by natural nitrifier strains present in the soil, since dicyandiamide inhibits nitrification, thereby reducing runoff pollution from the treated site.
  • The Nitrogen to Phosphorus ratio equals 5 to1, an ideal balance for bacterial germination, growth and reproduction, enhancing growth of strains capable of utilizing the polluting organic compounds present in the soil.
  • No alternative organic carbon compounds (sugars or proteins) are offered to compete with the targeted soil pollution.
  • The only compound included for differential inhibition is Dicyandiamide.
  • Effective over a wide temperature (35F to 180F) and pH range (6.0 to 9.5)


Since soil bioremediation projects are often fairly large, Alken-Murray will prescribe this product based upon the nutrient deficiencies in the contaminated soil at the treatment site. The ratio of nutrients that best enhances degradation of petroleum hydrocarbons and other challenging compounds is C (Total organic carbon present) to N (preferably ammonia-nitrogen to P (soluble or ortho-phosphate) is 100 to 10 to 2, as compared to the ratio suggested for digestion of food waste or sewage, which is 100 to 6 to 1.2. Both use the same 5 to 1 ratio of ammonia to nitrogen, but higher nitrogen is required for degradation of petroleum hydrocarbon compounds (and other challenging organic compounds, like surfactants, ketones, phenolics, cyanide, etc. The nitrification inhibitor and micronutrients are included so that the dosage will be correct when you calculate the required primary nutrients (ammonia and phosphate) needed to balance the concentration of TOC (Total Organic Carbon) present. You can click the link below to use our wastewater dosage chart to calculate nutrients for lakes, ponds or groundwater sites.

 Dosage Chart


Contrasts of Nitrapyrin, Dicyandiamide, and Isobutylidene Diurea Effects on Total Inorganic Soil Nitrogen Martin, H.W., Graetz, D.A., Locascio, S.J. and Hensel, D.R. from Communications of Soil Science Plant Analysis, 25 (5 & 6), pp 547-565 (1994)


ALKEN® BIO-NUTRIENT 4 is packaged in 25 lb. plastic pails and 50 pound fiber drums. Store in a cool dry place. Avoid inhalation of dust and wash hands with warm soapy water after handling.

Update: 01-11-2007 

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