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Leesburg, Virginia


Description: This patient care facility includes on-site kitchen and laundry services. Detergents and greases passing through drain lines have previously created serious clogging problems. According to Mr. Robert Smith, Director of Environmental Services, mechanical cleaning by outside contractors was required a minimum of 2-3 times per month or more often at considerable expense. The inconvenience and downtime caused in the laundry, kitchen, toilet, and bathing facilities was disruptive to patient care.

A ninety day test trial of Alken Clear-Flo® 4100 to clean and maintain the drain lines at the facility was recommended by LOUDON COUNTY SANITATION AUTHORITY, Leesburg, Virginia. The test trial was conducted at the facility from March through May of 1991.

As the bio-enzymatic activities of Alken Clear-Flo® 4100 liquefied and digested the deposited material from years of build-up inside the pipes, a larger than usual volume of waste material was released into the system and processed through to the package treatment plant facility. After the buildup was reduced, a more normal flow of organics allowed the drain lines to function without clogging.

Mr. Smith reported that after implementing Alken Clear-Flo® 4100 in all of the drain lines (including toilets, sinks, baths, showers, sinks, and floor drains) all clogging of drain lines was eliminated. The liquid product is safe and easy to use in a patient care environment.  

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