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ALKEN CLEAR-FLO® 7002 is a concentrated dry blend of selected bacteria having the exceptional capability to degrade high BOD/COD/TOC wastewater containing elevated levels of phenol (up to 2500 ppm) and aromatic hydrocarbons, transforming them into harmless carbon dioxide, water and useful cell mass. Specifically, ALKEN CLEAR-FLO® 7002 enhances the removal of chlorinated hydrocarbons, meta- and ortho- chlorinated phenols, propylene dichloride, styrene, formaldehyde and alcohols. Accordingly, ALKEN CLEAR-FLO® 7002 is ideally suited for treating industrial wastewater emanating from petroleum, natural gas refining and petrochemical facilities, steel making and coking operations, coal gasification/liquefactions, chemical and pharmaceutical plants.



 Bacteria Count  5 billion CFU per gram
 Appearance  Free-flowing, tan-brown powder
 Odor  Yeast-like
 pH  Neutral


  • Degrades difficult compounds which are toxic to naturally occurring bacteria.
  • Cultures grow in either the presence or absence of oxygen.
  • Effective over a wide temperature range (55 to 110 F).
  • Effective over a wide pH range (5.9 to 9.0).
  • Enhances odor control through degradation of malodorous organic acids and sulfur compounds
  • Non-toxic, non-corrosive, safe to handle and store.



 Industrial/Municipal dosage charts
for general application rates. Your Alken-Murray service representative will prescribe both the initial application and the maintenance doses taking into consideration such factors as the total daily influent and effluent, BOD/COD loadings, suspended solids and levels of pesticides or other contaminants. Be aware that a heavy rainfall may bring significant contamination with its runoff, and a one-time dosage equal to the initial application may be needed to restore control. Mechanical aeration may be needed where natural aeration is deficient.


Although product may be applied dry, either loose or in soluble packets, for optimum bacterial performance, we recommend that you hydrate ALKEN CLEAR-FLO® 7002 before application. Thoroughly mix each pound of dry product with two gallons of warm (approx.70 F) water without chlorine. Allow the mixture to hydrate for two hours, stirring vigorously every half hour. After final settling, carefully pour off the top liquid layer for use, squeeze all liquid from the bran that has settled into the liquid and either dispose of the remaining bran, or toss into the system. Avoid use of algaecides, herbicides, and antibiotics when using ALKEN CLEAR-FLO®.


ALKEN CLEAR-FLO® 7002 is packaged in 25, 50 and 500 lb. containers. Product is also available in soluble packets, for an extra charge. Store in a cool dry place. Avoid excessive inhalation as well as contact with eyes, skin and open wounds. Wash hands with warm, soapy water after handling.

Update: 02-10-2003

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