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 Dry Formulas

Alken® Bio-Nutrient 3
Concentrate contains 5 times as much available nitrogen as phosphorus. Nitrogen is available as ammonium chloride and phosphorus is present as ortho-phosphate.

Alken® Bio-Nutrient 4
Designed for land bioremediation. Easily digested concentrate contains a 5:1 balance of nitrogen and phosphorus , plus micronutrients and a nitrification inhibitor, which prevents ammonia from being converted to nitrate, and therefore keeps it available for use on-site by selected bioremediation cultures.

 Alken® Bio-Nutrient 5
Concentrated nutrient source of nitrogen, in the form of ammonium chloride.

 Alken® Bio-Nutrient 6
Concentrated, easily dissolved blend of monosodium phosphate (MSP) and disodium phosphate (DSP).

 Alken® Bio-Nutrient 7
Concentrated , readily degradable, organic carbon, balanced by low levels of MSP and DSP phosphates. Safe to handle. Easily soluble, for use in systems that have high levels of ammonia, while suffering a deficiency of organic carbon and phosphate, both offered in this product..

 Alken® Bio-Nutrient 8
Complex, mixture of natural compounds contains a broad variety of minerals, amino acids, vitamins and biostimulants that act as growth factors and building blocks for cell synthesis.

Alken® Bio-Nutrient 10
 Specialized, nutrient blend that provides two sources of organic carbon (milk whey protein and maltodextrin), three sources of nitrogen (yeast extract , amino acids and Yucca schidigera), and a balanced pair of phosphates (MSP & DSP), with additional minerals, trace elements and vitamins (including biotin). This formula is designed to positively select for growth of probiotic and floc-forming bioremediation species, while exerting negative selection toward most species of pathogens and filamentous bacteria. BN-10 will enhance sulfide oxidation performance byAlken Enz-Odor 14 (Starkeya novella), since it includes both yeast extract and biotin. BN-10 has been incorporated into Alken Clear-Flo 1015, 1015C, 7015 & 7015C, further enhancing performance of those formulas.

 Alken® 895
 Powdered (100%) sodium nitrate nutrient product, provides an oxidized form of nitrogen, as a substitute for BN-5. As a bonus, sodium nitrate offers an alternative electron acceptor for cultures able to remove and utilize the oxygens attached to nitrate. Since nitrates can be used in weapons production, many countries restrict transport of powdered nitrate, so Alken-Murray encourages clients to purchase Alken®894, Alken Enz-Odor®9 or Alken Enz-Odor® 10, since all three products contain 30% sodium nitrate, the maximum that will remain in solution in water, supplemented by Alken® 896 BioStimulant. The two Enz-Odor products also deliver by 150 million CFU/mL of beneficial Bacillus cultures, capable of oxidizing H2S while reducing nitrate to dinitrogen gas.

Liquid Formulas 

  Alken® Bio-Nutrient 3L
Concentrated liquid source of nitrogen and phosphorus in a 5:1 ratio in water solution.

 Alken® 894

(replaces Bio-Nutrient 5L)
30% solution of sodium nitrate (a liquid nitrogen source for bacteria) in water, supplemented with Alken 896 BioStimulant. Alken® 894 provides an alternate electron acceptor for use with any ALKEN CLEAR-FLO® and/or ENZ-ODOR® bacterial formula, to produce an anoxic environment, enhancing odor control by sulfide-oxidizing-denitrifying bacterial cultures, either existing in the system or augmented via live culture treatments from Alken-Murray Corporation. Alken® 894's sodium nitrate inhibits the process of sulfate reduction to sulfides and mercaptans, further augmenting odor control. When a wastewater treatment system, experiencing an overbloom of biosurfactant, caused by filamentous bacteria, is also faced with a low F/M (food to mass) ratio, it is essential to select nutrients that will support floc-forming cultures, while discouraging filamentous species. Alken® 894 provides a perfect oxygenated nitrogen that cannot be utilized by filamentous foam-producing species. Test levels of TOC (total organic carbon), TKN (total nitrogen) and P (soluble phosphate) and calculate proper nutrient concentrations, so that balance of C to N to P equals 100 to 6 to 1.2, by using Alken® Bio-Nutrient 7 to deliver organic carbon,in the form of milk whey protein concentrates, balanced by included concentrations of phosphate, in the form of MSP (monosodium phosphate) and DSP (diisodium phosphate).Then add the dosage of nitrogen, from Alken® 894, calculated to balance the total organic carbon present in the system (total of pre-treatment TOC test level plus organic carbon added when BN-7 was applied)

 Alken® Bio-Nutrient 6L
Concentrated liquid source of Monosodium phosphate (MSP) and Disodium phosphate (DSP) in a water solution.

 Alken® Bio-Nutrient 9
Super-concentrated humified organic peat suspension. Contains many micro-nutrients and catalysts. Increases cell wall permeability of PLANTS providing a superior growth stimulant. Can be used to enhance phytoremediation, but can only be used in conjunction with Alken Clear-Flo® 7014, as a soil amendment to enhance turf growth.

Alken® 896 BioStimulant

A concentrated blend of oxygenating inorganic salts, amino acids, purines, pyrimidines, and micro-nutrients designed to stimulate the germination speed, growth and overall performance of Alken Clear-Flo®, Alken Enz-Odor® , Alken Nu-Bind & Alken® Treat-A-Loo microbial formulas, when applied appropriately. Alken ® 896 BioStimulant is the ONLY known germination catalyst, biostimulant that triggers immediate activity from Bacillus, other gram-positive species (including Brevibacillus, Paenibacillus, Rhodococcus, Sporosarcina & Streptomyces) AND vegetative, gram-negative species (including Acinetobacter, Comamonas, Enterobacter, Marinobacter, Nitrobacter, Nitrosomonas, Paracoccus, Pseudomonas, Sphingomonas, Starkeya & Thiobacillus.

Update 3-28-2007

Most products have a 2 year shelf-life, unless noted elsew

Updated: 12/15/2006

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