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ALKEN ENZ-ODOR® 9 contains chemical bio-stimulants and electron acceptors that increase the metabolic rate of the powerful blend of ten specially selected non-pathogenic, Biosafety Level 1 strains of endo-spore forming Bacillus for nearly immediate relief from hydrogen sulfide and fatty acid odors. Application of ALKEN ENZ-ODOR® 9 ahead of key areas of sulfide production in collection systems effectively inhibits activities of sulfate-reducing bacteria in pipe biofilms and protects the system from corrosion. ALKEN ENZ-ODOR® 9 is equally effective in collection systems, equalization basins, anaerobic lagoons and digesters. A unique new strain of Bacillus oxidizes sulfide and denitrifies at the same time, while two strains eliminate fatty acid odors. Other strains in the formula enhance metabolism of general wastes, reducing BOD.


 Bacteria Count:


(568 billion CFU/gal)

 Appearance:  Translucent ivory color liquid
 pH:  7.0 - 8.8
 Odor:  None to slight
 Specific Gravity: 1.23 +/- 0.05 at 15 degrees C
Shelf life:  Minimum two years at full strength



  • Protects from corrosion by eliminating formation of sulfuric acid during sulfide oxidation.
  • Improved degradation and deodorization of acetic, butyric, isobutyric, lactic and propionic organic and fatty acids.
  • Assists oxidization of chlorite in the system.
  • Non-corrosive, non-toxic alternative to hydrogen peroxide, sodium hypochlorite, potassium permanganate and ferrous sulfate.
  • Improved degradation and deodorization of acetic, butyric, isobutyric, isovaleric, lactic, palmitic, propionic, stearic and valeric organic and fatty acids, partially responsible for odor in some lift stations.
  • Tested and certified negative for Salmonella, Shigella & E.Coli
  • Contains NO chemical surfactants or solvents
  • 100% gram-positive, spore-form bacteria
  • pH range: 4.5 - 9.0, wider pH range than before, but most strains are acid-loving.
  • Temperature range: 42 deg. F to 100 deg. F (6 deg. to 37.7 deg. C)
  • Metabolic pathways: aerobic, anoxic and fermentative


ALKEN ENZ-ODOR® 9 should be fed directly to system, using a chemical metering pump, withdrawing directly from pail, drum or tote in which product is shipped. For best results, divide calculated daily dosage into 96 small doses, dispensed every 15 minutes, for uniform treatment of all wastewater flowing through system.

Initial Application: 19.2 Liters of Alken Enz-Odor 9 for each 1 Kg of sulfide present (or 2.3 gallons per 1 pound sulfide in wastewater).

Maintenance for Flowing System: Apply daily 4.2 Liters per 1 Kg of sulfide present in daily volume, following initial application, described above.


For best results, link product dosage-metering pumps to station pumps, so that wastewater is continuously treated as it enters the force main. This product can also be applied to "hot spots" of hydrogen sulfide production in large basins. Since hydrogen sulfide generation is inversely related to flow rate, dosage should be increased during low flows and reduced during peak flows.  ALKEN ENZ-ODOR® 9 can also be used in conjunction with ALKEN ENZ-ODOR® 5 , ALKEN ENZ-ODOR® 6 or ALKEN CLEAR-FLO® 4003, whichever product is prescribed for specific wastewater, by an authorized Alken-Murray distributor or Alken-Murray technical support.


ALKEN ENZ-ODOR® 9 is packaged in 5 gallon plastic pails with pour-spout and 55 gallon plastic drums. Store above - 15 deg. C or 5 deg. F. Bacterial endospores are denser than thesurrounding solution and can settle during shipment and storage. Formula should be stirred or otherwise mixed thoroughly prior to use,each time the pail or drum must be accessed. Store in a cool dry place. Avoid inhalation of mist and wash hands with warm soapy water after handling. Avoid eye contact.

Update: 08-12-2006

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