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ALKEN ENZ-ODOR® 14, Starkeya novella, is a gram-negative colorless sulfur bacteria with rod-shaped cells. It is a strictly AEROBIC bacteria whose energy is derived from the oxidation of one or more reduced sulfur compounds, including sulfides, sulfur, thiosulfate, polythionate and thiocyanate, with sulfate as the end product. It is able to grow with oxalate, formate, formamide and methanol as sole carbon sources. It can grow autotrophically on formate and tetrathionate. It is facultatively chemo- lithoautotrophic and methylotrophic and, therefore, can grow with CO2 and reduced sulfur compounds or organic carbon compounds as carbon and energy sources. This makes it especially useful for removing sulfide odors in aerated ponds, waste treatment plants etc. It has the fastest degradation rate of fatty acids of any strain we have ever worked with.


This strain was formerly known as Thiobacillus novellus until DP Kelly, IR MacDonald and AP Wood proposed the new name after DNA revealed that this stain is a member of the Alpha-2 subclass of proteobacteria, rather than the Beta-class of proteobacteria as the Thiobacilli are.


  Bacteria count:  4 billion CFU/g
 Appearance:  free flowing, brown powder
  Odor: yeast-like
 pH:  neutral


  • Can oxidize up to 200 ppm hydrogen sulfide in 2 hours
  • Can oxidize up to 30 ppm of dimethyl sulfide in 7 hours
  • Can oxidize up to 50 ppm of mercaptans in 3 hours
  • Degrades acetic, butyric, hexanoic, propionic and lactic acids in 12 hours!
  • Does not produce sulfuric acid when oxidizing sulfur compounds, so it does not cause major swings in pH caused by certain Thiobacilli.
  • Opt. Temp. 25 - 30 C - range 5 to 42 C
  • Opt. pH 7 - range 5.7 - 9
  • Tolerates 6% NaCl, but grows more strongly at 5%. Does not require salt.
  • Absolute requirement for 100 - 150 grams biotin (ALKEN BIO-NUTRIENT® 14) per one MGD flow to be treated.
  • Not harmful to fish, wildlife, farm animals or humans when used as directed.
  • Non-toxic, non-corrosive. Safe to handle and store.


Usually used as a component in waste treatment blends, this strain can also be used alone for control of sulfides and mercaptans or for seeding biofilters and air strippers for that purpose. Dosage will need to be determined by trial, either on bench scale or in the system. Caution: In the presence of ferric phosphate and reduced sulfur compounds, creates ferrous iron and solubilizes phosphate.


ALKEN Enz-Odor® 14 is is packaged in 25 and 50 pound containers. Store in a cool, dry place. Avoid contact with eyes, skin, and open wounds. Wash hands with warm, soapy water after handling. Avoid inhalation of dust. Do not use in food or use on food preparatory surfaces or equipment.

Revised 05-17-2006

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