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ALKEN CLEAR-FLO® 7119 is a scientifically balanced formulation containing nature's best humectants and wetting agents, pure Yucca schidigera sarsaponin leaf extract and coconut extracts, the safest natural cryoprotectant (plant extracted glycerine) micro-nutrients and plant healing compounds from the finest pure Aloe Vera leaf extract gel. Ten strains of non-pathogenic, spore-forming Bacillus have been specially selected to break down composted manure fertilizers, grass clippings and other dead plant litter, when the temperature and other conditions are conducive for plants to feed on the released nutrients.
ALKEN CLEAR-FLO® 7119 along witth ALKEN BIO-NUTRIENT 9, ALKEN CLEAR-FLO® 7014 and ALKEN CLEAR-FLO® 7114 should be applied as part of an IPM (integrated pest management) and PHC (plant health care) program to augment effectiveness of your favorite chemical fertilizer or composted manure to allow lusher, longer survival of turf and plants through the most challenging weather conditions. Improves overall health of the turf and plants increasing the effectiveness of lower dosages of pesticides. Most competing products are made from petroleum and alcohol derivatives that can damage plant leaf tissue and reduce soil microbial activity.


 Appearance:  Dark brown liquid suspension
 Bacteria count:  85 million CFU/ml (321.7 billion colony forming units of bacteria per gallon)
 Bacterial Strains: 5 species of Bacillus microbes (0.05% of formula)
 Odor:  Slightly sweet, earthy odor
 Stability:  2 years


  • Natural plant-origin wetting agents, humectants and soil penetrants stimulate included beneficial bacteria
  • Glycerine, a natural plant extract, enhances winter protection of turf, plants and bacteria
  • Natural healing properties and micro-nutrients from Aloecorp PURE Aloe vera leaf extract gel.
  • Improves water-holding capacity of soil and plants
  • Enhances exchange capacity and buffering properties of soil by increasing nutrient availability.
  • Enhances circulation of pesticides and fertilizers so that reduced dosages are equally effective.
  • Enzymes produced by the Bacillus strains in this product include: protease, lipase, esterase, xylanase, cellulase and urease to break up dead plant litter when the temperature and other environmental conditions are conducive to plant feeding.
  • DOES NOT CONTAIN petroleum-based surfactants or raw enzymes.


Shake or mix jug or pail thoroughly, to assure well-blended dispensing of all ingredients. Can be batch mixed with fertilizer. Antifoam included to prevent excess foaming. ALWAYS DILUTE product BEFORE application directly to plants or soil.

For Frost Treatment: Add 10 gallons water to 1 gallon of product to cover 1 acre of turf.

Wetting agent in hot summer months: Add 75 gallons of water to 1 gallon of product to cover 1 acre of turf, applied biweekly during dry months.
AVOID applying pesticides for at least 24 hours before and/or after application of ALKEN CLEAR-FLO® 7119.



ALKEN CLEAR-FLO® 7119 - is packaged a single 5 gallon plastic pails with pour-spout and carrying handle or box with 2 x 2.5 gallon jugs. Store in a cool, dry place. Avoid inhalation of mist and wash hands with warm soapy water after handling.

Update: 08/16/2006

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