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ACD 872 Material Safety Data Sheet


Solutions Special X3™
Material Safety Data Sheet

UM-BBD Biodegradation Pathway for Limonene (active ingredient in CD 872)

UM-BBD Biodegradation Pathway for Diethanolamine (2nd active ingredient in CD 872)   



ALKEN® CITRUS DEGREASER 872 is a concentrated, water-based citrus cleaning and degreasing product, which provides plant and maintenance facilities with the opportunity to upgrade their total system-wide cleaning operation. This safer, powerful, natural citrus based solvent-emulsion contains the newest research developments in "natural-extract" biodegradable solvents, alkaline builders, emulsifiers, and cleaning boosters. Safe, pleasant smelling multi-purpose cleaner for home use also.

Please also see our microbial kitchen floor cleaner, ALKEN CLEAR-FLO® 5200. which combines the bioremediation talent of our best FOG consortium with the rapid cleanup and "no-slip residue" provided by this powerful cleaning formula.


9 - 12.2
 Appearance:  Transparent yellow/orange liquid
 Odor:  Pleasant "Natural Citrus" fragrance


  • Achieves efficient and rapid removal of the widest range of contaminants including oils, greases, sludge bottoms, fats, synthetic lubes, preservative coatings, rubber tire marks, inks and pigments.
  • Safe for use on all metals, including aluminum..
  • Contains no petroleum or chlorinated solvents.
  • Contains no glycol ethers .
  • Contains no phosphates.
  • Contains no ozone depletors
  • Provides a safer environment at working stations both inside and outside of the plant.
  • Effective over a wide temperature range, 60 to 180 F, (15.5 to 82 C)


  • Waste water treatment plants, wet wells, lift stations.
  • Wax stripper.
  • Hard surface cleaner will remove stains from oil, grease, and skid marks.
  • Garages, mobile equipment, repair maintenance
  • Parts washing, cold dip or recirculating tanks
  • CAB demulsify water in oil, if small amount is applied slowly to constantly stirring solution (bench test required).
  • Contact authorized Alken-Murray distributor, Dr. Syed Ali of Solutions Chemical Consultants, for alternative application of this product under the name, Solutions Special X3™ to clean up seriously contaminated soils & slurries. See case study of this application at <>


For Stains From Oil, Grease, Stove top or Skid Marks: Brush on, spray, foam applications or scrubber. Mix 1 part ALKEN® CITRUS DEGREASER 872 with up to 15 parts water. Follow with water rinse. Replaces caustics, chlorinated aromatic and other chemical solvent cleaners.

For Garages, Mobile Equipment, Repair Maintenance: Directly wipe on surface, use in steam cleaner, cold dip tank. Mix 1 part ALKEN® CITRUS DEGREASER 872 with up to 20 parts water. Steam cleaning should be done outdoors. Follow with rinse water. Replaces aromatic and aliphatic (kerosene) based cleaners.

For Parts Washing, Cold Dip or Recirculation Tanks: Mix 1 part ALKEN® CITRUS DEGREASER 872 with up to 7 parts water. Rinse or wipe off. Replaces flammable, difficult to dispose of solvents.

For Wastewater Treatment Plants, Wet Wells, and Lift Stations: For application with long wand, use concentrated or mix 1 part ALKEN® CITRUS DEGREASER 872 with up to 4 parts water. Permit 5-10 minutes dwell time. Rinse with high pressure water. Replaces aromatic solvents which contain benzenes and napthalenes.

For Application as a Wax Stripper: Mix 1 part ALKEN® CITRUS DEGREASER 872 with 15 parts water. For heavy build-up, use a 50/50 solution. Do not leave 50/50 mix on the floor for longer than 10 minutes without rinsing. Apply with a wet mop. Machine with strip pad and triple rinse.

For Application as a Demulsifier: Add full-strength ALKEN® CITRUS DEGREASER 872 into stirring blend of oil and water, a small amount at a time, until separation occurs. ACD 872 will stay in the water phase, while oily waste rises to the surface, making it easy to separate it from ACD 872. Following demulsification with ACD 872, the water-phase product can be reused for additional degreasing and cleaning, but fresh solution should always be used for demulsification . For bench testing, apply one drop at a time into a beaker containing 500 ml of oil-water mixture, until separation occurs. ACD 872 is easily biodegraded by ALKEN CLEAR-FLO® 7008, if bioremediation is ever desired.


ALKEN® CITRUS DEGREASER 872™ is packaged in 5 gallon ABS2 plastic pails with pour spout and 55 gallon closed-head ABS2 plastic drums.. Store product in a cool dry place to maintain product quality. Keep container closed when not in use. Keep out of reach of children. Avoid eye contact. Do not ingest. Use with adequate ventilation. Do not breathe mist. Avoid prolonged or repeated skin contact. Refer to MSDS for information on safe handling of this product. FOR INDUSTRIAL APPLICATION ONLY. Not for human consumption. Flash point of 160 degrees F (71.1 degrees C) allows AIR TRANSPORT as "combustible" goods.

Harmonized Tariff Code: 3402.11.9090 Surface-active washing preparation or cleaning preparation, other than 3401, Anionic, other, other

Update 12-15-2006

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