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List of Alken Even-Flo® Case Studies

(with a couple of links to full-length studies)

Contact us at "" for copies of these case studies, product bulletins, Material Safety Data Sheets, and other pertinent information. Alken Even-Flo® formulas are recommended by Paul Schmidt, respected author of The Fuel Oil Manual.

Alken Even-Flo® 905

1. Reprint from STEEL Metalworking Weekly, "Fuel Oil Additive Cuts Burner Clogging"
2. Reprint from Minerals Processing, "Oil Tank Sludge: a thing of the past"
3. Reprint from Maintenance Engineering, "Oil Burning Problems Solved"
4. Inefficient combustion due to heavy sludge at large eastern power generating station.
5. Tank cleaning/Sludge Removal
6. Wall Board manufacturer reduces soot.
7. Increased Pumpability Plus Better Combustion
8. Cleaner fuel oil distribution system
9 . Preheater cleaning
10. Sludge Removal with Continuous Treatment
11. Cleaner Fuel Oil Distribution System

Alken Even-Flo® 910

1. High sulfur trioxide at French tire company shows a substantial reduction obtained through use of EF 910 under varying load conditions. Graphs.
2. Sodium-Vanadium slag control at Paper Manufacturer with EF 910. Illustrated with graphs.
3. Water demulsified and 3.5% fuel savings at Freeport Electric Company.
4. Demulsifying, Dispersant Capabilities of EF 910 in an East Coast Power Generating Station
5. Ship saves 4.6% fuel with EF 910
6. Marine/Ind/721 details use of both EF 910 and 910E aboard ships with full detailed logs
7. Reprint from Marine Engineering, "Fuel Additives: Can they Cut Operating Costs?" by Rene J. Bender

Alken Even-Flo® 910E

1. Corrosion and sodium-vanadium slagging controlled at Maine Public Service Company. Combustion also improved.
2. Reprint from Chemical Processing, "Valve Plugging ended as sludge disappears"
3. Letter from U.S. Filter Naugatuck Treatment Company, dated 2/3/98
4. Standby fuel tanks treated with EF 910E for 20 years by Florida Power & Light
5. Sun Transport letter in 1975 detailing marine application of Even-Flo® 910E
6. Marine/Ind/721 details use of both EF 910 & 910E aboard ships with accurate data.
7. S/S David P. Reynolds case study
8. Letter from Naviera Vizcaina in 1979

Alken Even-Flo® 910S

(US EPA registered diesel fuel motor vehicle additive - currently not available during reformulation

1. California highway tests
2. MBTA bus tests
3. Asian bus study reduces fuel consumption by 12%
4. Singapore truck study "Additive Reduces Diesel Emissions"
5. Letter from Wilson Horse Transportation, Inc.

Alken PDE 903 - Cold Flow improver

(US EPA registered diesel fuel motor vehicle additive)

Request our "PDE 903" booklet including a magazine article and testing procedures

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