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ALKEN NU-BIND 3 is is a unique broad-spectrum bacterial blend combining the effectiveness of a natural source of steroid saponin, which binds ammonia, and synergistic blend of six spore-forming Bacillus biostrains, which manufacture protease, lipase, amylase, protease and cellulase enzymes with optimum activity, to provide a safe "natural solution" for ammonia odor in situations that are not amenable to treatment with nitrifiers, such as our Alken Clear-Flo 1100 or 7110. Recently improved with the exciting new strain of facultatively anaerobic ammonia and sulfide oxidizing Bacillus. ALKEN NU-BIND 3 is biodegradable and harmless to humans, pets, livestock, and wildlife, when used as directed.


 Bacteria count:  54 million colony forming units/ml
 Appearance:  Dark brown liquid
 Odor: Wild hyacinth fragrance added
  pH:  7.5 to 9.0


  • Neutralizes ammonia odors in municipal sludge drying beds, animal pens, waste pits, etc., when application of nitrifiers is not suitable, or faster results are required.
  • Can be used to give initial control of ammonia odors in lagoons, while bacterial treatment gets a chance to seed the system, eliminating the cause of odors, once oxygenation levels reach 2 mg/L or higher that is necessary for nitrifiers to thrive.
  • Unique new strain of Bacillus oxidizes ammonia to nitrite, but 2 mg/L DO is required for heterotrophic nitrification to take place
  • Concentrate is stable and has a long shelf-life.
  • Completely safe and non-toxic, when used as directed.


The microbial component of Alken Nu-Bind 3 is activated by DILUTION with water. Thoroughly shake bottle or pail, before diluting, to stir the brown residue up from the bottom, ensuring that all of the spores are in solution. The shelf-life of diluted product is one (1) week Remove excess soil and waste before applying. Hot water, bleach, disinfectants, and strongly alkaline detergents will deactivate Alken Nu-Bind, and should neither be mixed with the product, nor used as a pre-cleaner. Disinfectant should not be applied less than 2 hours after treatment with Alken Nu-Bind.

For Ponds and Lakes: Apply 1 to 1.4 oz. per 1,000 gallons, when prescribed by your Alken-Murray distributor. or Alken-Murray technical support staff. DO NOT EXCEED RECOMMENDED DOSAGE, if fish are present. See Material Safety Data Sheet for additional information.

For Animal Waste Pits or Lagoons: Apply 67 oz. per 1,000 cubic feet or 9 oz. per 1,000 gallons of waste/wastewater.

For Optimum Results Treating Animal Manure: blend half-and half with Alken Nu-Bind 2 and dilute blend 1:10 to 1:100, based upon concentration of odor and requirement for degree of odor control. Spray thoroughly over source of odor.

For Sludge Drying Beds: Apply 30 oz. per 1,000 gallons.


Alken Nu-Bind 3 is packaged in 5 gallon plastic pails. Store in a cool place. Avoid contact with eyes, skin, and open wounds. Wash hands with soap and water after handling.



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