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Aquaculture - Lake - Pond Probiotic Bioremediation

 Controlling Aquatic Pollution


How To Survey A Lake, Pond or Reservoir

Probiotic Use in Shrimp Hatcheries

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Its Good Clean Living in A Clear-Flo World - fish in a Zydeco band

How To Interpret Water Test Results 

Application of Probiotics in Aquaculture 

Shock Treatments of Lakes & Ponds 

  Eliminate Ammonia and Nitrite

Eliminate Off-Flavor

Aquaculture and Aquatic Case Studies 

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Aquatic Dosage Charts  

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  • Improve Water Quality
  • Fish-safe fats (FOG) digester
  • Use 70% Less Water
  • Remediate Toxic Organic Sludge in Pond or Lake Bottom
  • Increase Aquatic Survival Rates
  • Combat Run-off Pollutants and Toxins
  • Enhance Survival during Transport of Eggs, Larvae & Live Fish
  • Faster Pond Start-Up

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