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September 25, 1989



Mr. Jon D. Luce, Special Services Manager

Alken-Murray Corporation
(old address for company)
New York, New York 10013

Re: Off-Flavor in Farmed Aquatic Species Caused by Organic Wastes and Ammonia


Dear Mr. Luce:

In reviewing Alken Clear-Flo®'s ability to degrade organic wastes , such as uneaten feed and fecal discharge, I would like to point out that this is of extreme value where the species come into contact with sand or mud substrates. Off-flavoring frequently occurs in the catfish and shrimp industry, due to the sulfurous bacterial growth in the decomposing organic debris, which builds up in the bottom sand or mud.

When excessive organic wastes reach this bottom level, sulforous bacteria grows and produces toxins. Even when not at lethal levels, this frequently causes an off-flavor to become established in the crop/species being produced. This off-flavor reduces the quality and financial returns to the commercial grower. By reducing organic wastes in the water column with Alken Clear-Flo®, less debris reaches the bottom and substrates would be relatively clean. This would result in a substantial reduction of off-flavor. In the case of shrimp which burrow into the sand during moulting, the toxins are often lethal and a loss of shrimp occurs. You can appreciate the value offered by Alken Clear-Flo®, when you consider that shrimp producers routinely lose 10 - 15% of their harvest during this burrowing in.

Proper saturation with oxygen will aid the bacteria in Alken Clear-Flo® to eliminate this waste build-up. Your product would be especially valuable in plastic lined ponds and new systems to create and quickly establish the desirable bio-mass requisite for proper bacterial balancing as well as in established systems.

Sincerely yours,

Robert J. Valenti, Ph. D.




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