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ALKEN® 862 DEMULSIFIER is a totally organic liquid formulation of surfactants and dispersants in a petroleum solvent, for the demulsification of water in oil and oil in water, capable of performance at room temperature, but with improved speed and percentage of oil removed when applied at temperatures near 60 deg. C (140 deg. F). ALKEN® 862 DEMULSIFIER destabilizes the oil-water interface that surrounds each water particle in the emulsion, replaces the emulsifier molecules (if any), and allows the water to coalesce.

ALKEN® 862 Demulsifier is a completely combustible, non-abrasive, non-ash-forming treatment which will improve the quality of the fuel it is added to (see other product identity as ALKEN EVEN-FLO® 910.


 Color:  Transparent Straw
 Odor:  Aromatic Hydrocarbon
 Solubility:  Oil soluble
 Shelf Life:  Indefinite
 Transportation Category:  Combustible


  • Does not stay with the water phase, therefore does not contribute to water pollution
  • Stays with the fuel and actually improves burning characteristics of the fuel
  • Uses lower dosages than most competing products
  • Carries a "COMBUSTIBLE" label for transportation (Many competing products are classified as "flammable")


Because of the diverse nature of oil and waste amenable to treatment with ALKEN® 862, specific recommendations have to be made on a case-by-case basis. The dosage of ALKEN® 862 prescribed to break a particular emulsion varies from as little as 20 ppm of oil to as much as 100 ppm of oil. If higher dosages fail, reduce dosage, since low dosages of 20 to 40 ppm usually work best for this product. Finding the most cost-effective dosage, as well as determining the best conditions of temperature, slow mixing, settling time, etc., is best done in the laboratory, using a sample of the actual oil or waste and a sample of Alken® 862. See the testing procedure at 862demulsification-test.html


Once you have determined the correct dose of ALKEN® 862 DEMULSIFIER, fill the tank with the waste-oil-water solution and inject the correct dose of ALKEN® 862 DEMULSIFIER, directly from the drum. Mix thoroughly, with the assistance of a pump, for two to five hours. Mixing time varies depending on the size of the tank and the speed of the motor. Allow the fuel to settle and check for water separation. Depending on the configuration of the tank, either remove the water by means of a drain in the bottom or suck the clean oil off from the top of the tank.

After treatment with ALKEN® 862 DEMULSIFIER to separate oil, the residual water should be treated with Alken Clear-Flo® 5100 either alone, or together with Alken Clear-Flo® 7008, supplemented by Alken® Bio-Nutrient 3, to remediate the small amount of residual water soluble hydrocarbons, so that the waste water can legally and safely be discharged to the local wastewater collection system or can be used for agricultural irrigation.


ALKEN® 862 DEMULSIFIER is packaged in 5 gal. and 55 gal. steel drums. It contains a medium flash-point aromatic hydrocarbon solvent, and should be handled with careful attention to the recommendations in the Material Safety Data Sheet.

Harmonized Tariff Code: 3811.90.00

Revised 01-04-2004

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