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ALKEN CLEAR-FLO® 7036 is a concentrated broad spectrum hydrocarbon degrader containing four spore forming Bacillus strains and sixteen gram-negative strains. This is the primary choice for soil remediation applications of coal tar, crude oil and mixtures of light and heavy oil fractions. This formula, which also successfully degrades alcohols, ketones, and phthalates, is usually sold under private label to environmental firms for soil remediation. For wastewater applications, it is wise to bench test this formula and our Alken Clear-Flo 7008 to see which will work best for the specific plant.



 Bacteria Count  3 Billion Colony Forming Units/gram
 Appearance  Free flowing brown powder
 Odor  Yeast Like


  • Rapidly degrades all major components of gasoline, diesel, #4, #5, & #6 fuel oils. Also degrades phthalates, ketones, various solvents, sulfur-containing compounds, alcohols, chlorinated hydrocarbons, amines, and other complex organic compounds found in refineries and chemical plant wastewater, which are toxic to naturally occurring bacteria.
  • Reduces further environmental damage by degrading the contaminant plume.
  • Cultures can tolerate petroleum concentrations inhibitory to many indigenous populations.
  • Can tolerate up to 20 ppm concentration of heavy metals, without the need for bench testing. To verify tolerance of heavy metals from 20 ppm to 1,000 ppm, perform Alken-Murray's proprietary soil bench test procedure.
  • Effective over a wide temperature range (40 to 100 F; optimum 75± 10 F)
  • Effective over a wide pH range (6.0 to 8.5; optimum 7.1 ± 0.3)
  • Non-toxic, non-corrosive, safe to handle and store when used as directed.



For concentrated petroleum hydrocarbon bioremediation, maintain at least 1.0 mg/l of ammonium nitrogen and 0.5 mg/l of ortho-phosphate. ALKEN® BIO-NUTRIENT 4 contains these nutrients together with micronutrients, other accelerants and nitrification inhibitor, to prevent nitrification (oxidation of required ammonia-nitrogen to nitrate), thereby reducing dosage of nutrient product, when compared with ALKEN® BIO-NUTRIENT 3, which is used for wastewater treatment and does not inhibit nitrification. The strains in this formula degrade hydrocarbons aerobically, requiring at least 1 ppm of oxygen, with 2 to 5 ppm being ideal. Hydrogen sulfide remediation can be performed both aerobically and anaerobically by this formula.



For optimum bacterial performance, hydrate ALKEN CLEAR-FLO® 7036 before application, thoroughly mix each pound of dry product with two gallons of warm (approx.70 F) water without chlorine. Allow the mixture to hydrate for two hours, stirring vigorously every 30 minutes, or else stir continuously for 2 hours. For soil applications, use of a slow-release calcium or magnesium peroxide product will deliver optimum results. Alken-Murray endorses the product ORC (oxygen release compound) manufactured by unrelated company, Regenesis.

For application to land spills: Alken-Murray suggests that you obtain the services of an environmental engineering firm for geological and engineering assessment and application, to ensure safety and compliance with all regulations. Dosage per cubic yard of soil contaminations is 0.5 to 0.75 lb., applied once a month, until soil is remediated. Application of ALKEN CLEAR-FLO® 5100 to soil applications delivers petroleum emulsifying surfactants, germination catalyst, ALKEN 896® and endospore-forming Bacillus that target secondary metabolites, especially long-chain fatty acids, but petroleum-hydrocarbon degrading Bacillus are also included.



 Industrial/Municipal dosage charts
for general application rates for lagoons, activated sludge systems, lakes or ponds which have been contaminated by a petroleum oil spill. Mechanical aeration is required for treatment of petroleum hydrocarbon contaminated wastewater, or other aquatic environments. Since this product contains no surfactants or pathogenic bacteria, it is safe to apply ALKEN CLEAR-FLO® 7036 to lakes, ponds or the ocean, where fish and wildlife are present.

Alken-Murray's authorized distributors can assist you with product selection and other treatments based on submission of the Petroleum Bioremediation Diagnostic Survey from the Alken-Murray Diagnostic Form Frame Set.

Avoid use of algaecides, herbicides, and antibiotics when using any ALKEN CLEAR-FLO® product.



ALKEN CLEAR-FLO® 7036 is packaged in 25 lb. plastic pails and 50 lb. fiber drums. Store in a cool dry place. Avoid inhalation of dust. Wash hands with warm, soapy water after handling.

Update: 04-30-2006

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