Emulsion Breaking Test - Oil in Water

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This simple procedure permits easy testing of products, such as Alken Solutions Polymers, to determine their effectiveness in breaking oil/water emulsions. If the oil-in-water emulsion cannot be broken by our polymers, try our Alken Even-Flo 910 or Alken Citrus Degreaser 872. If these fail, you can try our heat catalyzed demulsifier Alken 860 Demulsifier with its own bench test procedure.

Required Equipment
  1. 4 oz glass bottles with lids.
  2. Syringes: 1 cc & 5 cc
  3. Graduated cylinder: 100 mL
  4. 1 liter of wastewater
Test Procedure
  1. Measure 100 mL of waste into several glass bottles.
  2. Add a differing small amount of the polymer to each bottle and shake them for ten seconds to mix.
  3. Let the bottles stand
  4. Observe which bottle provides the best emulsion break and clearest supernatant.

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