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ALKEN® SOLUTIONS C189K is a highly cationic, high molecular weight quaternary amine. It is effective in liquid/solids coagulation processes, as well as filtration, flotation, water clarification, and sludge dewatering. It is chlorine resistant. The product meets the specifications of FDA 21 CFR 176.170, for use in paper which comes in contact with food.


If there is enough interest in using this product for drinking water applications, we will apply for certification from NSF, for use at a mazimum concentration of 20 mg/l.



 Appearance:  Transparent amber liquid
 Odor:  Amine
 Bulk Density: (gr/ml)  9.5 lbs/gal
 Viscosity at 25 deg C: 5000-9000 cps
 Activity:  40 %
 Cationic charge in solution:  100%
 Relative Molecular Weight:  700,000
 Freezing Point:  0 deg. F
 pH:  4.0 -5.0
 Effective pH range:  0 - 13

 6 months from delivery

(9 mo - 1 yr. in drum)

1% solution lasts 4 weeks

0.1 % solution lasts 24 hours



  • Effective in producing a clear supernatant and easily filtered sludge.
  • Highly concentrated. Small doses save on freight bills.
  • Highly versatile and can function satisfactorily in low turbidity water
  • Use in gravity thickeners, filters, centrifuges, air flotation, and clarifiers
  • Chlorinated make-up water does not adversely affect performance.
  • Non-hydrolyzable, allowing for application in a wider pH range



ALKEN® SOLUTIONS C189K should be fed using a corrosion resistant positive displacement pump and should be prepared at a solution concentration of 0.5% or less. Feed the diluted product at a point that insures complete mixing. A laboratory "jar test" should be performed to determine both the correct product and the correct dosage.


ALKEN® SOLUTIONS C189K is generally packaged in 55-gallon (450 lbs) steel drums or 275 gallon tote bins (2290 lbs), which conform to Performance Oriented Packaging Specifications. This product should not be used until a Material Safety Data Sheet has been reviewed by supervisory and operating personnel. Store in a clean, dry area. Do not use aluminum or iron in feed or storage systems. If freezing occurs, the product may be used after being thawed and throughly mixed. Keep containers closed when not in use and discard when empty. CAUTION: Spilled product is very slippery. Low temperatures may cause pumping problems due to increased in product viscosity. Harmonized Tariff Code: 2921.21.0000 Acyclic polyamine polymer

Update: 08-2000 


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