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Industry vs Application of Polymers

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Foundries, Asphalt Plants, Cement Plants

 Air/water scrubbers, settling ponds

 Medium Anionic, Medium Cationic

Food Processing, Vegetable Canning, Sugar Cane Processing, Fruit Preparation

 Flotation and Settling Tanks, Clarification, Wash Water Systems, Biological Treatment Systems.

 Non-ionic, Medium and Strong Anionic

 Metal Plating or Finishing

 Treatment for Heavy Metals Removal, Copper, Zinc, Iron, Nickel, Cadmium, Chromium Removal, etc., and Oil Recovery.

 Non-ionic, Medium Anionic

 Sand & Gravel Plants, Coal Preparation, Limestone Quarries, Iron Ore, etc..

 Mineral Washing and Water Recycling Operations, Dewatering

 Medium Anionic and Medium Cationic

 Primary Metal

 Oil Recovery, Influent Clarification, Scrubber Systems, Thickening, Biological Treatment Systems.

 Medium Anionic and Medium Cationic


 Biological treatment, Influent Clarification, Dewatering.

 Non-ionic, Medium Anionic, Medium and Strong Cationic

Other Industrial Operations, such as Glass Plants, Chemical Plants, Refineries, etc.

 Water Recycling, Oil/water Separators, etc.

 Medium Anionic, Medium Cationic

 Municipal Potable Water Plants

 Drinking Water Clarification, Filtration

 Medium Anionic, Medium Cationic

 Thickening, Centrifugation or Flotation

 Sludge Dewatering

 Medium and Strong Cationic


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