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Industrial & Municipal Wastewater Treatment

Bioremediation, Composting

   Control Hydrogen Sulfide


Fix Lagoon Aeration Problems

 Control Ammonia & Nitrite

waste treatment plant treated with Alken Clear-Flo 7000 line formulas

Control Swine Manure Odor with Two Lagoon System

Control Foaming from Nocardia & filamentous strains

Anaerobic Digester Aid  

Bioremediation of Oil Spills & Drilling Muds

System Diagnostic Forms 

Accelerate Composting

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 Polymers Assist Flocculation

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  • Decrease Operational Costs
  • Decrease BOD/COD
  • Decrease TSS
  • Remediate Difficult Compounds:
    Aromatic hydrocarbons, Phenol, Ethylene glycol,
    Detergents, Lignin, Dyes, and Ketones
  • Control Bulking
  • Recover from Upset
  • Sludge Treatment
  • Lagoon Management
  • Biological antifoam
  • Cure "Sour" Digesters
  • Bio-Landfarming
  • Start-up with Lower Cost, Less Hassle
  • Improve Septic System Performance
  • Formulas for Cold Weather Applications 

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