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ALKEN CLEAR-FLO® 8000 is a concentrated dry blend of specially adapted non-pathogenic, Biosafety Level 1 strains of bacteria (9 strains of endo-spore forming Bacillus and 5 strains of gram-negative vegetative species),designed to liquify, metabolize and deodorize cattle and horse manure, which contain higher levels of cellulosic materials (from bedding and soiled feed) than manure of swine and poultry, which are treated with ALKEN ENZ-ODOR 5.

Improved 2005 formula: offers increased bacterial count and reduced fungi count for improved co-operation within the consortium.



 Bacteria count:  4.5 billion CFU/gram
 Fungi count:  0.1 million CFU/gram
 Appearance:  Free-flowing, brown powder
 Odor:  Yeast-like


  • Degrades plant and feed fibers, proteins, fats, and residual carbohydrates in animal wastes.
  • Breaks up gelatinous or solid matrix in waste pits, corrals, manure piles and compost heaps.
  • Retards odor generation by oxidizing malodorous compounds, including hydrogen sulfide and mercaptans.
  • Natural plant extract inhibits the urease enzyme that converts urea into ammonia, thereby reducing this source of odor generation.
  • Degrades the following stinky fatty acids:acetic, butyric, hexanoic, lactic, and propionic acids created by breakdown of FOG (food fat oil and grease)
  • Improves consistency of waste for pumping.
  • Maximizes fertilizer value of waste.
  • Effective over a wide temperature range (55 degrees F to 110 degrees F) and pH range (5.5 to 9.0).
  • Non-toxic, non-corrosive; completely safe to handle and store.


Although product may be applied dry, as a loose powder, for optimum bacterial performance, we recommend that you hydrate ALKEN CLEAR-FLO® 8000 before application. Thoroughly mix each pound of dry product with two gallons of warm (approx.70 F) water without chlorine. Allow the mixture to hydrate for two hours, stirring vigorously every half hour. After final settling, carefully pour off the top liquid layer for use, squeeze all liquid from the bran that has settled into the liquid and either dispose of the remaining bran, or toss into the lagoon, waste pit or manure pile. Avoid use of algaecides, herbicides, and antibiotics when using ALKEN CLEAR-FLO®
Waste Pits: Apply 5 lbs* of ALKEN CLEAR-FLO® 8000 plus 18 oz. of ALKEN® ENZ-ODOR 9 or ALKEN® 894 (or 75 ppm sodium nitrate) per week per 6000 gallons waste in the pit, until improvement in odor and consistency is achieved (usually two weeks); thereafter for each 6000 gallons, apply monthly 2 lbs. of ALKEN CLEAR-FLO ® 8000 plus 8 oz. of ALKEN® ENZ-ODOR 9 or ALKEN® 894.

Composting Manure in a Waste Bin for the Hobby Horse Owner: The following advice is offered for small operations with no more than four horses, kept partially in stalls and partially in turn-out paddocks.

Setup one or two waste bins, to hold 3 months of manure, etc. under a simple roof, so that moisture-levels can be controlled. Without at least 40 to 50% moisture-levels, the composting microbes will go dormant, accomplishing almost nothing, but with too much moisture, composting slows down, as bedding tends to ferment, rather than stabilize into mulch. Please note that finely ground sawdust bedding can be too dense to allow proper air circulation, so try to accumulate fall leaves, wood chips, straw and spoiled hay to add to the pit, when the waste appears to get too heavy to allow good air circulation.

Correct Moisture Levels: When correctly moistened, the waste should feel like a freshly-wrung-out sponge, damp to the touch, but not wet enough to dr ip, if squeezed tightly. Since excess moisture tends to sink to the bottom of the pit, the moisture-level at the top may appear correct, while the bottom layer accumulates too much moisture, which you will discover and correct when you turn the pile.


Balancing Carbon to Nitrogen Levels: Follow the link below the MSDS sheet,above, to learn about the carbon to nitrogen ratios of various compounds that can be added to compost piles. You will notice immediately that horse stable manure averages 25, which is right in the middle of the 20 -30 ratio that is ideal for good composting to occur, but you can also see that sawdust ranks C:N = 500, can be offset by addition of ALKEN® ENZ-ODOR 9 or ALKEN® 894 , which contains 30% sodium nitrate, a high level of nitrogen, with minimal odor, offering an easier source of plant fertrilizer than the urea-nitrogen that is directly produced by horses, before bacteria convert it to ammonia, which other microbes use to help them balance the high carbon-wastes in horse muffins and bedding, so that they can be stabilized, while increasing the biomass processing. Daily stall pickings usually deliver lower levels of nitrogen than do weekly cleanout of stalls, since urine more-thoroughly saturates the bedding that is not removed daily.


Applying ALKEN CLEAR-FLO® 8000 for Horse Waste Bin-Pits: Hydrate 1 lb. of ALKEN CLEAR-FLO® 8000 with 2 gallons of unchlorinated water, as described in the hydration paragraph, above.

Mix Composted Manure Bin Contents Every 14 to 21 days, when temperature reaches 145 degrees F, whether this occurs at week 2 or 3. For best results, use a tractor with bucket-loader to drag the horse bin contents onto its apron. Then, push and lift the waste back into the bin, upside-down, so that the oldest loaded waste ends up on the top for this round of digestion. If composting is allowed to process for a total of six weeks, with two or three cycles of aeration-mixing, the composted manure should be in suitable condition for loading to a manure-spreader for application as fertilizer-mulch to horse paddocks or agricultural fields. Following each time waste is dragged to bin-apron, add 1 lb. of freshly hydrated ALKEN CLEAR-FLO® 8000 to augment the rate of composting. This will deliver a total of 3 to 4 lbs. of ALKEN CLEAR-FLO® 8000 microbial cultures to each bin-pit full of horse manure, bedding, spoiled feed, fall leaves, etc., a suitable dosage for manure generated by two to four moderately-large horses (Thoroughbred, Quarter Horse, Warmblood, Paint, etc.) Temperatures will remain in the 140 to 180 degrees F range as long as aeration, nitrogen, carbon and phosphorous are balanced sufficiently for composting to continue.


Unrolled Macadam Stall-Floor Improves Drainage: A stall-design created for Thoroughlbred horses in Ocala, Florida eliminates some drainage issues caused from urine accumulation in stalls by creatfing a flooring below the stalls, which begins with large rocks, a layer ofsmaller rocks, then a thick layer of heavy sand, followed by finer sand. On top of that, they install a layer of macadam, the "black-top" used on driveways, but unlike driveways, it is NOT rolled out, thereby leaving large open areas for drainage. When the stalls are washed down with water, any accumulated urine drains easily through the flooring. Throughout the year, sawdust will clog some of the pores in the macadam, but an annual steam-cleaning will reopen those pores for another year's use.

Ammonia Control in Confinement Areas: If sprayable liquid is desired, blend ALKEN NU-BIND 2 & NU-BIND 3 for optimum ammonia odor control.

 *Significantly larger waste pits require a proportionately lower dose than that listed. Conversely pits smaller than 3000 gallons may require up to double the dosage . Consult your Alken-Murray representative if your waste pit differs drastically from the data listed above.

Lagoons: For the first 4 weeks, apply 1 lb.* ALKEN CLEAR-FLO® 8000 per day per million gallons per day of waste flow; thereafter, apply 2 lbs. per week. Pre-mix at the rate of 1 pound per 2 gallons of water and allow to stand approximately 2 hours, then stir thoroughly before applying half at the inlet from the barn and half in equal portions around the outside of the lagoon. Use of ALKEN® ENZ-ODOR 9 is optional for faster results and better control of H2S.

For Manure Composting in Piles: Apply 50 grams per cubic yard of manure, feed and bedding, once a week with sufficient water to keep the pile wet to 40% of saturation.


ALKEN CLEAR-FLO® 8000 is packaged in 25 lb plastic pails with handle and 50 lb. fiber drums. Store in a cool dry place. Avoid excessive inhalation and wash hands with, warm soapy water after handling.

Update: 06/18/2008


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