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Frequently Asked Questions About Bioremediation and Alken Clear-Flo®
  1. Why are bacteria and fungi ideally suited for waste treatment?

  2. Exactly how do bacteria and fungi degrade waste?

  3. What happens to the bacteria and fungi when the job is done?

  4. Are Alken-Murray bacteria and fungi genetically engineered?

  5. Are the bacteria and fungi in Alken-Murray formulas safe?

  6. AreAlken Clear-Flo 1000 line products safe for fish?

  7. If these bacteria are already present in nature, why do they have to be added to a natural system?

  8. If the special bacteria in Alken Clear-Flo® reproduce in the field, why isn't one dose sufficient?

  9. Can Alken Clear-Flo® 1000 line products control weeds?

  10. What kind of pollutants do various Alken-Murray microbial formulas target?

  11. How do certain Alken Clear-Flo® products clarify the water?

  12. How do Alken Clear-Flo® 1000 line products deal with phosphorus in the water body?

  13. How do Alken Clear-Flo® and Enz-Odor® formulas control odor?

  14. Where can Alken-Murray microbial products be used?

  15. How do chemical algaecides cause long-term problems?

  16. Are Alken Clear-Flo® 1000 line products natural algaecides?

  17. Do Alken-Murray microbial blends require an EPA registration number?

  18. Are Alken-Murray microbial formulas compatible with algaecides, antibiotics or pesticides?

  19. Why is the discharge of BOD & COD regulated?

  20. Is aeration necessary?

  21. Why aren't Alken-Murray microbial products available on the shelf of retail stores?

  22. What are the characteristics of Alken-Murray microbial products?

  23. How are Clear-Flo® 1000 line products applied?

  24. How much product is needed?

  25. How do Alken-Murray microbial blends compare economically?

  26. What are Biosafety Classifications?

  27. Are All Alken-Murray microbial strains classified as "Biosafety Level 1"?

  28. What nutrient balance is needed to degrade COD or BOD in different applications?

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