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Illustration of how bacteria unclog a drain

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A biological treatment (1), such as Alken Clear-Flo or Enz-Odor, coats the matter (2) that accumulates inside drain pipes. The enzymes produced by certain strains of bacteria (3) break down grease, soap, and other organic matter in the drain, enabling the bacteria to fully digest these elements. The coating of waste in the pipes thins as a side effect of bacterial feeding, thus opening the pipes.
The synergistic blend of specially selected and adapted strains of gram positive bacteria, combined for some applications with surfactants and for others with gram negative strains, especially adept at forming a tenacious slime layer, with improved resistance to diluted, quick slugs of bleach and other household chemicals that wash down the drain. The gram-positive strains can live in the protective slime, enhancing their waste degrading abilities.
For homeowners, who do not appreciate the odor produced by the gram-negative strains, we offer Alken Enz-Odor 2 (liquid) which contains biodegradable surfactants and gram positive strains only. This product is especially suited to maintaining a healthy bio-population in your septic tank, preventing buildup of odors, spoiled drains and blocked leech fields. Enz-Odor 2 contains sodium nitrate, which prevents the formation of sulfuric acid, while it also eliminates hydrogen sulfide.
There is an excellent book , called The Septic System Owner's Manual, you can buy for the reasonable price of $14.95, if you wish to learn more. We are not affiliated with the author in any way.

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