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Alken Enz-Odor® 2-5X NF Manufacturing Concentrate is a unique broad-spectrum, stabilized bacterial blend which combines the effectiveness of eight selected acid-loving, non-pathogenic strains of gram-positive, spore-forming Bacillus, in a high-bacterial-count formula. Although this blend is only 5 times the concentration of our Alken Enz-Odor® 2, we have included sufficient Alken Bacillus Stabilizer 26 to allow dilution 1 part concentrate with 19 parts water, approved surfactant(s), dye(s), fragrance, and additional approved chemicals including Alken 896.. Because the organisms in ALKEN Enz-Odor® 2-5XNF are endospore-formers, they can survive, dormant, through hot, dry weather and over the winter; they will become active again whenever conditions moderate, so the process will continue without adding more product. This is the base microbial blend used to manufacture the following Alken-Murray products: Alken Enz-Odor® 2 & 9, Alken Clear-Flo® 5202, and Alken Nu-Bind 3

ALKEN Enz-Odor® 2-5XNF manufacturing concentrate contains no surfactants or fragrance to interfere with the private label manufacturer's formulations



 Bacteria Count:

 1.08 billion CFU/ml

4.08 trillion CFU/gallon

 Appearance:  Turbid tan liquid
 pH:  7.0 - 7.8
 Odor:  Slightly musty


  • 100% gram positive spore form bacteria
  • 2005 improved starch and paper degrading
  • Tested and certified negative for Salmonella, Shigella & E.Coli
  • Contains a unique new strain of Bacillus that oxidizes hydrogen sulfide.
  • Digests fats, oils, and food grease in lift stations, grease traps, septic systems and drain lines.
  • Improved degradation and deodorization of acetic, butyric, isobutyric, isovaleric, lactic, palmitic, propionic, stearic and valeric organic and fatty acids, partially responsible for odor in some lift stations.
  • Formula denitrifies and anaerobically degrades starch and fats.
  • pH range: 4.5 to 8.0, acid-loving strains in this new formula
  • Temperature range: 42 deg. to 100 deg. F (6 deg. to 37 deg. C).
  • Metabolic pathways: aerobic, anoxic and fermentative.


FOR PRIVATE LABEL FORMULATIONS, Standard dilution to make Alken Enz-Odor 2 is 1 part concentrate plus 4 parts water, surfactant, fragrance, Alken 896, sodium nitrate etc. This product contains enough preservative to allow dilution of 1 part concentrate with 19 parts of water to create a finished product with a count of 54 million CFU/mL(5.4 E7 CFU/mL), which is a fairly standard concentration for a 1X microbial product. You can also choose to make up a product, like Alken Clear-Flo 5202, by diluting 1 part concentrate plus 9 parts water, surfactant, fragrance, etc.


Alken ENZ-ODOR® 2-5XNF is packaged in 6 gallon plastic pails with pour spout and 1 gallon of air space to allow product to breathe. Minimum order of 5 pails of concentrate.. Store in a cool place. Avoid contact with eyes, skin, and open wounds. Wash hands with soap and water after handling. Avoid excessive inhalation. Store in a cool, dry place to prolong shelf-life.

Updated 10-20-2006

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