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Tests Comparing Degrading Efficiency In the Presence of Detergent

Figure 1 Illustrates how the superior cultures in the Alken Clear-Flo 4000 line grow and thrive in the presence of Tide* after 24 hours, in comparison to ordinary sewage digesting bacteria (bottom photo).

Note: CF 4100 uses the same microbes in CF 4000, so these tests are equally applicable for the liquid CF 4100.

test tubes showing results of detergent challenge

Two rows of test tubes containing Difco nutrient broth, marked "1" through "10", were set up. The level of Tide* added to each tube was doubled in each successive tube, reaching a level of 3200 parts per million in tube number "10".

Cloudy tubes indicate good bacteria growth (top picture); clear tubes indicate no growth (bottom picture). The growth and activity of the regular cultures was inhibited after the first three tubes which is only 50 parts per million of Tide*.

The end point for the superior cultures in Alken Clear-Flo 4000 line products is actually far greater than that shown.

After a single load of wash, the level of detergent in a septic tank is 140 PPM, which is nearly three times the amount of detergent that is capable of deactivating a septic system.

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