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 Vol. 7: Issue No. 1

 March 2003

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General News

Take a look at BioBest - . See new case studies in Greek and in English, with pictures, detailing use of Alken-Murray microbial products CF 4004, Enz-Odor, Enz-Odor 2 and CF 7008, among others mentioned. We will be posting three of her new studies soon, but you can see them now on the English side of her website - just click the "English" button for the studies in English. We already posted her sausage factory study. Thank you Alina.
New website: AquaBio Environmental Technologies - excellent site with great graphics

BioRemediation Services, Inc.
(David Mowrer) in Virginia, handling grease traps, lift stations and similar applications with our Alken Enz-Odor 2 and CF 4004, among other formulas.

Binh Duong ADN Company (Le Than Dat) in Vietnam, handling primarily the aquaculture market, but willing to expand later to manage waste water treatment.

DSC AquaticSolutions Inc. (David Cutlip) handling pond and lake remediation and some waste water applications in Virginia, Indiana and Ohio.

Highland Farm & Home Supply (Catherine & Marty Sattler) - handling care and remediation of lakes and ponds in Colorado and Wyoming.

Prosep Chemicals (Steve Evans) of South Africa is licensing the Alken-Murray boiler and cooling tower chemical formulas for local production and sale. He will also be selling our microbial products for waste water, bioremediation and fish aquaculture, but shrimp and prawns are still handled by Laurence Evans of Amatikulu (Mtunzini) Prawns Ltd..

Water Treatment Solutions (Dean Robinson) Missouri waste water and lake and pond cleanup.

1. New educational website:

2. The Marine Institute has developed an online - Harmful Algal Blooms Database (HABS) which can accessed by clicking:

3. International soil and groundwater quality guidelines.

 icon for new products or revisionsNEW PRICE LISTS AVAILABLE NOW
New price list for chemical water treatment formulations take into account increases in the cost of some raw materials.

Alken-Murray is not in any way associated with Nigerian companies "Petrax Limited" or "OBLANJAH RESOURCES LTD". Petrax has "hijacked" parts of our website, along with those of many other reputable companies, and is pretending to have an alliance with us. We list all OFFICIAL distributors on our distributor list, once an agreement is made between us. Any company NOT listed on our distributor list, does not have our authorization to represent Alken-Murray Corp. Always check the list or e-mail

We have no intentions to appoint anyone in Nigeria to represent us. If Nigerian clients wish to purchase Alken-Murray products, please contact our South African distributors for assistance.

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Alken® Microbial Technical Updates

We have been incredibly busy working out 30 new or revised formulations to solve problems and we are proud to now present them to you. Thank you DeAna Hiyashi, our California distributor, for helping with lab testing at Fenton Farm, Inc. for one week in January.
icon for new products or revisionsNEW PRICE LIST AVAILABLE NOW
New price list for microbial products, includes all the new and upgraded products. Write to us for your copy.

Congratulations Amatikulu Prawns Ltd. for an entire season of prawn raising without use of any antibiotics. CF 1006 and CF 1100-50x again proved their value in aquaculture!

The following products have been revised to include new strains for improve performance, or their count has been increased. See their product bulletins for more details:

Alken Clear-Flo 1002 - completely reformulated SOLUBLE manufacturing concentrate with double the super count of the previous product, now with 13 strains of Bacillus, specifically selected to clean the water, enhance health of fish and crustaceans and leave the glass walls free of slime. For use in aquariums and small garden ponds. NOT balanced for larger ponds, lakes or rivers.
Alken Clear-Flo 1005 sludge degrading and detoxifying in aquatic and other applications, better microbes, better handling of hydrogen sulfide.
Alken Clear-Flo 5100 count doubled on this hard surface or soil washing petroleum cleanup product.
Alken Clear-Flo 5300 strains improved, designed to clean dentist's vacuum equipment
Alken Clear-Flo 7014 compost accelerator improved with doubled count, five more strains of Bacillus and "white rot fungus"
Alken Clear-Flo 7139 increased count on this petroleum cleanup, specifically for marinas and other close to water applications
Alken Enz-Odor 2 added sulfide oxidizing Bacillus, a super grease degrader, an extra fatty acid degrader and an oxygen catalyst.
Alken Enz-Odor 4 added microbes that improve digestion, when cats lick after using litter, in addition to odor control
Alken Enz-Odor 5 improved microbial consortium for even better control of hydrogen sulfide, ammonia, fatty acids, BOD and grease.
Alken Enz-Odor 6 finally - a stable dry superior sulfide-oxidizing denitrifying formula with broad applications. 7 strains.
Alken Enz-Odor 8 CF 7008 improved with Starkeya novella and a sulfide-oxidizing Bacillus for applications requiring more sulfide control than CF 7008 alone.
Alken Enz-Odor 9 improved with better fatty acid and grease degraders and hydrogen sulfide oxidizer, improved performance in lift stations, clarifiers etc.
Alken Enz-Odor 12 added ability to treat leachate, including petroleum hydrocarbons and storm water runoff. Old odor control strains retained, but more added to broaden the applications of the product.
Alken Nu-Bind improved with better balance of its best microbes

Alken Nu-Bind 2 improved with a hydrogen sulfide oxidizing Bacillus and another fatty acid degrader for increased staying power.
Alken Nu-Bind 3 improved with a special Bacillus that oxidizes sulfide and nitrifies ammonia to nitrite, so odor is less.
Alken Treat-A-Loo 2 improved with better digestion of toilet paper, control of sulfides, fatty acids and food fats and greases.

We would like to introduce our new product Alken Clear-Flo 1003, fat and grease degrading formula especially created for ponds loaded with fish fed fatty diets, sometimes leading to an oxygen-inhibiting grease ring at the surface of the pond. This product will control the grease, while also degrading other pollutants. If the fish eat this product, it will improve their digestion.
We are proud to present Alken Clear-Flo 1008, our first product created specifically to rapidly degrade falling leaves, grass clippings, and other plant debris accumulating in the fall and tolerate lower temperatures found in the fall. Eliminates buildup of organic sludge after use of short-term acting herbicide (such as Sonar®), when applied ten to fourteen days after herbicide treatment. This safe and effective product will also prevent buildup of hydrogen sulfide, mercaptans, and fatty acids, a common occurrence when a pond is not treated during cold winter months. Contains 11 gram-positive spore-forming Bacillus, 4 gram-negative vegetative bacteria and 2 fungi. Total count of bacteria 4 billion CFU/g and fungi 50,000 CFU/g.
Since most clients for Alken Clear-Flo 1400 are foreign, we decided to discontinue the ready-to-use version in favor of an improved, reformulated Alken Clear-Flo 1400-50x two part concentrate, which allows longer shelf-life, less expensive transportation of product, and improved performance, all for a more economical price. Just mix part A and Part B together with water (free from chlorine) to make up a ready-to-use product with a 3 month shelf-life after being mixed.
Clear-Flo 5201
is our new bathroom cleaner, especially effective for removing stains of all kinds, including difficult stains from mold and mildew in crevices and corners. Dilute 2 oz per gallon for a bathroom floor cleaner. Dilute 1 + 7 in a sprayer to wipe down counters, toilet seats and shower curtains. This product has our trademark "wild hyacinth fragrance" that leaves a very light and classy scent behind, after cleaning. Ideal for classy hotels and private homes. CF 5201 is a good adjunct to CF 5200, which is used to wash down kitchen and restaurant floors, for a "no-slip" finish.
 Alken Clear-Flo 7114 and 7114-2x THATCH TREATMENT AND SOIL AMENDMENT
Completely new product: Alken Clear-Flo 7114, dethatching and soil amendment liquid, to be used alone. Note: This product is NOT compatible to be blended with Alken Clear-Flo 7014! If you wish to use CF 7014 as a soil amendment, mix with Alken Bio-Nutrient 9.
Enz-Odor 6
dry version has finally proven itself stable after more than six months of stability testing, so we are proud to offer this five strain product, featuring Thiobacillus denitrificans, assisted by three other gram-negative sulfide oxidizing strains, two of which also denitrify, and one gram-positive, sulfide-oxidizing heterotrophic, spore-forming Bacillus. This consortium can treat applications requiring strict autotrophs (lacking an organic carbon source) or can be used when sulfide accompanies high BOD. Since one scientific paper for Thiobacillus denitrificans suggested adding dolomitic limestone to help control pH, we have included it as 8 to 10% of this formula.
Enz-Odor 10 was specifically designed to oxidize hydrogen sulfide in anaerobic digesters, while breaking down fats and grease into organic and fatty acids, the preferred diet of Methanogens. When you increase the supply of fatty and organic acids in a digester and simultaneously remove hydrogen sulfide, your methane production should increase. The new Enz-Odor 10 is compatible with CF 7020 or 7008, depending on the composition of waste going to your digester.
 Alken Treat-A-Loo 2 and Treat-A-Loo 2-5x PORTABLE TOILET TREATMENT
Both formulas have new strains added and increased total count too, allowing for higher dilution when preparing "ready-to-use" product, or else apply a lower dosage. Reduced shipping costs should enhance foreign sales. Treat-A-Loo 2-5x does not contain surfactant, at the request of one distributor.
We can also prepare customized formulations that tolerate 7.5 to 10% salt and blends for low pH (4.25 to 5) applications. We are not formalizing these yet, until we learn more about the applications that require these traits. Please contact us if you need either of these solutions. Anything else you do not see, contact us. We are very much guided by clients' requests when we screen and select new microbes and when we formulate our finished products.

Click the link in the header for the complete list of manufacturing concentrates. In response to the number of inquiries for formulated concentrates and also for a Canadian non-formulated concentrate, we are offering the following new products:

Alken Clear-Flo 1002 - (NF) reformulated SOLUBLE dry concentrate. Minimum order 5 x 1 lb. plastic bottles
Alken Enz-Odor C - 20x - (liquid NF)
compliant with Canadian DSL
Minimum order 1 x 55 gallon drum
Alken Enz-Odor original - 7xFF (liquid FF)
old formula Enz-Odor-12
Minimum order 1 x 5 gallon pail
Alken Enz-Odor 2 - 5x (liquid FF)
add water and optional sodium nitrate
Minimum order 5 x 5 gallon pails
Alken Nu-Bind 2 - 10x (liquid FF)
just add water
Minimum order 1 x 55 gallon drum
Alken Treat-A-Loo 2 - 5x (liquid PF)
add surfactant and water.
Minimum order 5 x 5 gallon pails

If you need a different blend of Bacillus in a concentrated form, whether formulated, partially formulated or non-formulated, talk to us about your requirements. We can most likely accomodate you.

We have discontinued Bio-Nutrient 1 and 2, which were technologically inferior to the rest of the line.
Please note general change in MSDS for microbes. We have included the 15% moisture found in dry formulas as "water" and we are now counting microbes by freeze dried or spray dried weight, rather than active culture weight, including moisture. The products are still as strong as they have always been, and in many cases they are stronger, but their dried weight component is smaller.

Sea kelp extracts, such as National Chemical Company's Bio-Booster or Biocat Solutions Bio-Treat, enhance the germination and growth rate of gram-negative bacteria (Acinetobacter, Enterobacter, Paracoccus, Pseudomonas, Sphingomonas, Starkeya, Thiobacillus, etc.), when used in tiny doses. Gram-positive bacteria (Bacillus, Corynebacterium, Paenibacillus, Sporosarcina, Streptomyces) react the opposite and their germination is delayed by 48 hours, no matter how small the dose is. If you desire to use a sea kelp extract together with an Alken-Murray blend, pick a product with a high proportion of gram-negative strains, such as Alken Clear-Flo 1006, 7008, 7036, 7037, 7038, Enz-Odor 6 or Enz-Odor 14. If you use any other product with these kelp extracts you will be defeating the purpose of the product, by delaying growth of most of its strains.

Jeneil Biosurfactants actually KILL gram-positive strains, while dramatically enhancing the performance and germination rate of gram-negative petroleum degrading strains. Use only with CF 7036, 7136 and 7037. Any other combination with an Alken-Murray formula would defeat the balance of the product and reduce product effectiveness.

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Fuel Treatment Technical Updates

Tip: Don't forget that Alken Even-Flo 905 can be used for rust removal!

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